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All Lost Ark Twitch Drops and How to Claim Them

Nothing says gaming like afk'ing on a screen

Who doesn’t like free loot? Lost Ark players will be happy to see that there’s an easy way to grab some support and battle items for the low, low cost of a few hours of your life. Here are all Lost Ark Twitch drops and how to claim them.

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All Lost Ark Twitch Drops and How to Claim Them

Lost Ark is a sprawling MMO ARPG, full of dungeons and plenty of things to grind and loot. And that process is made a little easier with a handful of support and battle items. And between April 12, 11:00 AM to May 10, 2:59 AM EDT, players will be able to get their hands on both.

Lost Ark’s most recent Twitch campaign is offering a Honing Support Chest and 4 Battle Item Chest for anyone who takes part in the campaign.

So, here’s how to get involved and claim your item.

  • Connect your Twitch account with your Lost Ark account, otherwise you won’t be able to claim your prize. You’ll need to go to the Twitch Drop campaign to do so. Here is the link.
  • Next, watch four hours of a supporting stream to claim the Honing Support Chest. Watch eight hours in order to claim the 4 Battle Item Chest.
  • Once you’ve watched four to eight hours of a stream, return to the Drops and Rewards page on Twitch in order to grab those hard-earned rewards.

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If you’re not certain which streamers will be participating, you can watch these Streamers:

  • BojoJen
  • CDNThe3rd
  • DatModz
  • Towelliee

Important to note is that no one can know if you go AFK and happen to leave a window open while you “watch” the Stream.

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