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All Line Gun Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

Line 'em up, knock 'em down.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Line Gun

Dead Space Remake’s weapons tend to be very unique, even for games of its type. The Contact Beam may be a beam rifle of sorts, but it’s the way it functions that helps it feel distinct. The Ripper also works differently from how you’d expect a chainsaw in other games to function, even if the result is still a bloody, fleshy mess. One weapon tends to stand as the most straightforward of the bunch but is also one of the more powerful. Here are all the upgrades for the Line Gun in Dead Space Remake.

Every Line Gun Upgrade Available in Dead Space Remake

As with every other weapon in Dead Space Remake, there are three major upgrades you can find throughout the game alongside a ton of smaller stat buffs which we’ll cover shortly. Those three major upgrades are explained below:

  • Chapter 4 or 5 Upgrade (first shop after acquiring the weapon): Greatly increases alternate fire damage.
  • Chapter 10 Upgrade #1 (found in a Master Override crate in Hydroponics): Alternate fire gains additional targeting lasers.
  • Chapter 10 Upgrade #2 (found in Medical behind a Level 3 security door): Greatly increases alternate fire damage.

Beyond big upgrades to the Laser Trap (alternate fire), there are those smaller stat buffs we mentioned. In total, there are six Capacity upgrades, six Damage upgrades, three Reload Speed upgrades, three Rate of Fire upgrades, and three Projectile Speed upgrades. Combined with the above major upgrades, you’ll need 24 nodes to fully max out the Line Gun.

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As far as prioritization goes, getting Damage up is the obvious choice along with Reload Speed. We’d suggest avoiding Projectile Speed unless you have to though, as the lines it shoots out are plenty fast on their own. Even without upgrades, sweeping a necromorph off their feet quickly will never not be useful.

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