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All Liming Harbor Apogee Repeaters in Destiny 2

Jump puzzles and Malignant Wyverns don't mix

by Daphne Fama

Liming Harbor offers many challenges for those who hope to get the Triumph Harbor Repeaters. So, let’s get right into it. Here’s all Liming Harbor Apogee Repeaters in Destiny 2.

All Liming Harbor Apogee Repeaters in Destiny 2

There are a total of thirty-nine Apogee Repeaters scattered around Neomuna. Finding them requires a good bit of exploration, patience, and platforming. What won’t we do for triumphs? But there are eight total for Liming Harbor alone. So, let’s get into it.

Apogee Repeater 1

Use the quick travel point in Liming Harbor, then turn left, jumping up on the walkway against the metal wall. Don’t go through the tunnel. To reach this walkway, it’s easier if you have Grapple, but you can also turn around and use the round building to make the leap. Once you’re on the walkway, you’ll be able to jump up and reach the Apogee Repeater on the fan beside you.

The very narrow metal poles on either side of the fan can be leapt to if you’re having trouble getting on top of the fan itself.

Apogee Repeater 2

We can actually see the next Repeater on top of the fan. Jump to the top of the round building, the land on the flat column to grab the next one.

Apogee Repeater 3

Head towards the Lost Sector on the far north side of the map. Once you see the giant fans, stop. The next Apogee Repeater is here, on top of a statue. To reach it, use the transparent awning to jump up to the narrow ridge on the right side of the Repeater. Then make a jump and try to land on the statue which is next to the Repeater. You don’t have to land on the statue, you just need to get close enough long enough to the Repeater to collect it.

Apogee Repeater 4

From Apogee Repeater 3, you’ll be able to see the next Repeater. It’s on the metal railing of the building that houses the Lost Sector. You can use the pink building’s roof to jump up to the railing just below the Repeater. And if you have Strand, you can just grapple up to the next level. Otherwise, you’re going to have to jump across the metal railing to the other side of the building and platform your way up.

Apogee Repeater 5

From Apogee Repeater 4, head west. You’ll see the next repeater in between two neon pink signs. To get to it without Strand, you’ll need to jump onto the plastic awning on the right of the Repeater, then jump on the blue cylinder. From there, there will be a square ledge beside a balcony. Don’t jump on the balcony, it’s out of bounds.

From the square ledge, jump on the thin sign and run to the end to collect the Repeater.

Apogee Repeater 6

From Apogee Repeater 5, run south until you see a bunch of bright yellow cargo crates. You’ll need to jump up on the yellow crate closest to the wall, then up onto the narrow slanted ridge beside it. From there, walk to the end and jump up onto the next platform, then walk down the length of it to the Apogee Repeater.

Apogee Repeater 7

From where you picked up Apogee Repeater 6, turn right. There, beside the blue crane, is the final Repeater. Jump onto the metal roof beside the stack of crates, then onto the short walkway between the two buildings. From this walkway, jump onto the yellow cargo crates beneath the Apogee Repeater. From the crates, you’ll need to jump on the very short edge of the triangle jutting out of the crane. From this tiny ledge, you’ll then need to jump on the circular part of the crane.

From here, you can edge closer to the Apogee Repeater and claim it.

Apogee Repeater 8

Last one! Head back to the metal platform and look behind the building. This last Repeater seems to float out in the middle of nowhere. And as you might expect, getting to it is very tricky.

Use the short metal walkways between the building to platform into this recessed doorway. It’s possible (but difficult) to use the metal attachments beneath the recessed doorway as steps to get into the doorway. I died several times making sure of that. But it’s much, much easier to use the Grapple grenade to throw yourself into it instead.

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Fun fact, if you jump down you’ll be able to see through the ground. Neat!

Once you’re in the doorway, turn around. You’ll want to jump on the metal railing just across from you and to the left.

Try to stick the landing, and at the end of the metal railing will be the final Apogee Repeater.

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