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All Irkalla Complex Apogee Repeaters in Destiny 2

What won't we do for a Triumph?

by Daphne Fama

Neomuna is absolutely full of secrets, and that includes the Apogee Repeaters. Here are all the Apogee Repeaters in the Irkalla Complex in Destiny 2.

All Irkalla Complex Apogee Repeaters in Destiny 2

First things first! Let us get to the Irkalla Complex. If you are not sure how to get there, load into Strider’s Gate. Jump off the platform and take the right road into Zephyr Concourse. Go right at the giant colosseum in the map, then follow the road up until you hit turnstiles you can pass on your Sparrow.

Jump over them and follow the narrow corridor, and you will be in Esi Terminal. Turn left immediately and enter the building. Once you exit it and jump onto the transparent awning, you will be in the Irkalla Complex.

Apogee Repeater 1.

Platform down into the pink bar. There is a teleporter orb that will take us directly to the Irakalla Complex but do not go through. Instead, jump to the narrow walkway to your left. Follow this walkway, following (and jumping) along the path to the right.

Jump across to the next building, then platform your way up to the roof. On top of the anti-aircraft gun will be the Apogee Repeater.

Apogee Repeater 2.

Now that we have the first Apogee Repeater, we are going to want to return to the pink bar and the black and gold orb that will teleport us to the Complex.

Go through.

Once you arrive, turn right and you will see a hole in the wall you can enter through. There will be a few Cabal as well. Go through the hole and then immediately turn left. There will be a stack of boxes you can use to climb up to the top of the wall. Once you are there, you will see an orange beam and the second Apogee Repeater.

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