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Players can craft a long list of different items in Palworld, ranging from simple farm items to complex weapons and ammunition. But you must learn about said Technology before you can start building them, which takes a while considering how many different items are there in the game.

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All Technology and Ancient Technology in Palworld Listed

There are hundreds of different Technology skills you can learn all the way up to Level 50. Each of them costs from 1 to 5 Technology points, which you get by leveling or by using certain items. Once you learn the Technology, you can build it anytime you want, preferably inside your Base.

If a certain Technology skill shows up as “?” for you, it means that you must first catch a specific Pal to learn that Technology as it’s directly related to it. Tanzee unlocks the Tanzee’s Assault Rifle, for example, which allows you to use the green monkey’s gun skill.

All Technology Skills in Palworld

These will be unlocked as you increase your player level and many of them will be mandatory to increase your Base’s level. While you won’t be forced to learn most of these, you should definitely grab them when you have the chance as they’re useful in one way or another.

Bolded items require catching a specific Pal.

Level 1Primitive Workbench, Stone Axe, Stone Pickaxe, Hand-held Torch, Wooden Club
Level 2Palbox, Pal Sphere, Campfire, Wooden Chest, Repair Bench, Wooden Structure Set
Level 3Old Bow, Arrow, Shoddy Bed, Straw Pal Bed, Repair Kit, Cloth
Level 4Common Shield, Stone Spear, Cloth Outfit, Feed Box, Alarm Bell, Hanging Trap
Level 5Berry Plantation, Ranch, Normal Parachute, Fire Bow, Fire Arrow, Wooden Living Room Furniture Set
Level 6Pal Gear Workbench, Statue of Power, Mounted Torch, Rushoar Saddle, Foxparks’s Harness, Wooden Tavern Furniture Set
Level 7Logging Site, Stone Pit, Sign, Bat, Melpaca Saddle, Celaray’s Gloves
Level 8Crusher, Poison Bow, Poison Arrow, Jolthog’s Gloves, Daedream’s Necklace, Wooden Tavern Cabinet Furniture Set
Level 9Tropical Outfit, Tundra Outfit, Hot Spring, Sandbag, Direhowl’s Saddled Harness, Kilamari’s Gloves
Level 10Three Shot Bow, Primitive Furnace, Feathered Hair Band, Bear Trap(Small), Nail, Sunfent Saddle
Level 11Metal Axe, Metal Pickaxe, High Quality Workbench, Wooden Gate, Lifmunk’s Submachine Gun, Jolthog Cryst’s Gloves
Level 12Pelt Armor, Meat Cleaver, Medieval Medicine Workbench, Tanzee’s Assault Rifle, Eikthydeer Saddle, Houseplant Set
Level 13Crossbow, Metal Spear, Training Dummy, Cooler Box, Grintale Saddle, Chillet Saddle
Level 14Mega Sphere, Sphere workbench, Wall Torch, Sweepa Saddle, Univolt Saddle, Antique Storage Set
Level 15Fire Arrow Crossbow, Wheat Plantation, Mill, Monitoring Stand, Viewing Cage, Nitewing Saddle
Level 16Mega Shield, Heat Resistant Pelt Armor, Metal Chest, Wooden Defensive Wall, Arsox Saddle, Wall-mounted Houseplant Set
Level 17Poison Arrow Crossbow, Cooking Pot, Heater, Pengullet’s Rocket Launcher, Flopie’s Necklace, Fireplace Set
Level 18Mega Glider, Cold Resistant Pelt Armor, Stone Structure Set, Cooler, Tocotoco’s Gloves, Carpet Set
Level 19Breeding Farm, Cement, Large Toolbox, Dinossom Saddle, Digtoise’s Headband, Antique Chair Set
Level 20Giga Sphere, Weapon Workbench, Flame Cauldron, Broncherry Saddle, Hangyu’s Gloves, Antique Storage Cabinet Set
Level 21Musket, Gunpowder, Coarse Ammo, Vanwyrm Saddle, Elphidran Saddle, Antique Desk Set
Level 22Stun Baton, Bear Trap (Large), Kingpaca Saddle, Dazzi’s Necklace, Antique Couch Set
Level 23Metal Armor, Metal Helm, Water Fountain, Maraith Saddle, Galecla’s Gloves, Antique Bath Set
Level 24Fluffy Pal Bed, Flower Bed, Aquadon Terra Saddle, Mossanda’s Grenade Launcher, Azurobe Saddle, Antique Mirror Set
Level 25Makeshift Handgun, Heat Resistant Metal Armor, Silo, Mossanda Lux’s Grenade Launcher, Eikthyrdeer Terra Saddle, Piano Furniture Set
Level 26Power Generator, Lamp, Mounted Crossbow, Fenglope Saddle, Rayhound Saddle, Metal Shelf Set
Level 27Hyper Sphere, Sphere Line Factory, Cold Resistant Metal Armor, Ceiling Lamp, Water Broncherry Saddle, Bathroom Set
Level 28Giga Shield, Production Line Factory, Stump and Axe, Mammorest Saddle, Antique High Quality Furniture Set
Level 29Handgun, Handgun Ammo, Defensive Wall, Dinossom Lux Saddle, Reindrix Saddle
Level 30Mine, Fine Bed, Metal Structure Set, Pickaxe and Helmet, Pyrin Saddle
Level 31High Quality Hot Spring, Frag Grenade, Stone Gate, Reptyro Saddle, Clock Set
Level 32 Weapon Line Factory, Shock Grenade, Tomato Plantation, Witch Cauldron, Blazehowl Saddle, Storage Container Set
Level 33Polymer, Electric Mine, Snowman, Helzephyr Saddle, Dark Pyrin Saddle, Metal Chair and Desk Set
Level 34Improved Furnace, Refined Metal Axe, Refined Metal Pickaxe, Refined Metal Spear, Beakon Saddle, Antique Lamp Set
Level 35Ultra Sphere, Sphere Line Factory II, Circuit Board, Carbon Fiber, Dark Kingferno Saddle, Ironwood Table Set
Level 36Single-shot Rifle, Rifle Ammo, High Quality Cloth, Large Pal Bed, Quivern Saddle, Outdoor Furniture Set
Level 37Refined Metal Armor, Refined Metal Helm, Ice Grenade, Ragnahawk Saddle, Ice Reptyro Saddle, Metal Barrel Set
Level 38Refrigerator, Lettuce Plantation, Ice Mine, Blazamut Saddle
Level 39Double-barreled Shotgun, Shotgun Shells, Refined Metal Chest, Jormuntide Saddle, Leather Chair Set
Level 40Heat Resistant, Refined Metal Armor, Giga Glider, Mounted Machine Gun, Suzaku Saddle, Grizzbolt’s Minigun, Street Lamp Set
Level 41Incendiary Grenade, Cold Resistant Refined Metal Armor, Electric Kitchen, Electric Heater, Vanwyrm Cryst Saddle, Amusement Furniture Set
Level 42Pump-action Shotgun, Production Line Factory II, Electric Cooler, Iron Gate, Ice Kingpaca Saddle, Emergy Exit Sign Set
Level 43Hyper Shield, Electric Medicine Workbench, Metal Defensive Wall, Water Suzaku Saddle, Jormuntide Ignis Saddle
Level 44Legendary Sphere, Electric Furnace, Sword, Relaxaurus Missle Launcher, Wumpo Saddle
Level 45Assault Rifle, Assault Rifle Ammo, Wumpo Botan Saddle, Mamorest Cryst Saddle, Traffic Control Set
Level 46Pal Metal Armor, Pal Metal Helm, Large Mounted Lamp, Relaxaurus Lux’s Missile Launcher, Road Sign Set
Level 47Weapon Line Factory II, Large Ceiling Lamp, Astegon Saddle, Shadowbeak Saddle
Level 48Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor, Electric Pylon, Frostallion Saddle, Barricade Set
Level 49Rocket Launcher, Rocket Ammo
Level 50Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor, Mounted Missile Launcher, Jetragon’s Missile Launcher

All Ancient Technology Skills in Palworld

Ancient Technology is a bit as you need Ancient Technology Points to learn them. You get these by defeating a Boss (or Alpha Pal) for the first time. Defeated Bosses are marked as “defeated” on the map, so you can easily track which ones you should chase.

Level 7Egg Incubator
Level 10Small Feed Bag
Level 12Grappling Gun
Level 14Pal Essence Condenser
Level 17Mega Grappling Gun
Level 20Average Feed Bag
Level 22Hip Lantern
Level 26Large Feed Bag
Level 29Single-shot Sphere Launcher
Level 32Giga Grappling Gun
Level 35Huge Feed Bag
Level 38Scatter Sphere Launcher
Level 40Lily’s Spear
Level 42Decal Gun Set
Level 45Giant Feed Bag
Level 47Hyper Grappling Gun
Level 50Homing Sphere Launcher

As long as you keep exploring, catching new Pals and expanding your base, you’ll have all of these upgrades in no time. Good luck in your Pal adventure!

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