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All House Locations and Perks in Forza Horizon 4

by Josh Hawkins

Houses are a new headquarter option for players to collect and make use of in Forza Horizon 4. Unlocking all of these Forza Horizon 4 house locations on the map will allow you to change your clothes, customize your car, and even unlock some unique perks that you’ll find useful along the way. Today we’ll show you every house location in Forza Horizon 4, as well as go over the different perks that they offer.

All Houses in Forza Horizon 4

Not every house has a perk for players when they unlock it, but many of them do. We’ll list the different houses, as well as their unique perks below. Keep in mind, unlocking some of these houses will also reward you with new clothing, emotes and even Super Wheel Spins.

The Gables

The first house on our list is The Gables, this is the first house that players will unlock in the story for Forza Horizon 4. Unlocking it will also unlock the Drone Mode, which is perfect for scouting locations and learning about different areas—or even grabbing sweet photos of cool vistas.

Fairlawn Manor

The second house on our list should absolutely be one of the first priorities on your list as unlocking this location will also unlock the Fast Travel anywhere perk, which you can learn more about in our guide on how to Fast Travel. It’s just north of Morrhead Wind Farm, so keep an eye out for it to become marked for purchase on the map.

The Huntsman’s Lodge

Make your way into Lakehurst Forest and look for this house tucked away in a small grove of trees. You’ll unlock the Skill Song perk for purchasing this house, which will allow the radio hosts to play skill songs on the different stations.

Bamburgh Castle

Saving up for this special house will take you a bit, as it requires roughly 10 million credits to unlock. You’ll need to purchase it in order to find and acquire all barn finds, though, so better get saving up early on.

Kingfisher Cottage


Found just northwest of Derwent Reservoir, and to the southeast of the quarry, players can purchase this house for a nice mid-map location.

Sunflower Meadows

Look for this house up in Ambleside, along the western edge of the map.

Thatch Corner

Located along the southeastern side of the map, players can find this house along a bend in the beach. There’s no known perk for it, though.

Lake Lodge

This house also acts as the VIP house, and players will want to unlock it for the perks it has to offer. Unlocking this house will reward you with a Forzathon boost, earning you double points in any Forzathon events you take part in. It costs 5 million credits for non-VIP members.

Croftdale Farm

Located north of Glen Rannoch, players can search and find this house available for sale up north, close to one of the many barn finds across the map.

Edinburgh Castle

Players will need to save up 15 million credits to purchase this massive castle in the heart of Edinburgh City.

Derwent Mansion

You can find this house along the southwestern corner of Derwent Water.

Castleview Road

Found south of Edinburgh Castle, Castleview Road can be found north of the Greendale Airstrip.

That’s all the houses that players can find and purchase in Forza Horizon 4. As you can see, you’ll need to make money fast if you want to purchase all of the different locations and unlock all of their perks, so make sure you aren’t wasting any time and check out all the Forza Horizon 4 guides  we have to offer for even more help.