All Healers in Reverse: 1999 Listed and How to Get One for Free

Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive…

Splash Art of Dikke from Reverse: 1999
Image from Danbooru. Splash Art of Dikke from Reverse: 1999

It doesn’t take long for the hits in Reverse: 1999 to start hitting harder and once your health is down, there is only one real way to fix it— you’re going to need to bring a healer into the battle. 

All Healers in Reverse: 1999 Listed (November 2023)

Reverse: 1999’s healers come in all shapes, sizes and efficiencies. With some of them able to use their abilities to heal their party through their Skills or their Bursts. For example, Dikke is a character that can heal through one of her skills, by combining more of those same cards, they can increase her healing efficiency for her party. And then there are healers like Bunny Bunny whose skills can impair the enemy, but her Ultimate Burst will heal the entire party. It can be a saving grace to have a healer in the party, not only to get all the stars within the battle for more rewards but to also make sure you do come up with a victory at the end.

ArcanistRarityElementHealing Move
Sotheby✦✦✦✦✦✦ (Six-Star)PlantSkill and Burst
Medicine Pocket✦✦✦✦✦✦BeastSkill
Balloon Party✦✦✦✦✦ (Five-Star)MineralSkill
Bunny Bunny✦✦✦✦ (Four-Star)BeastBurst
APPLe✦✦✦✦StarSkill and Burst
Darley Clatter✦✦✦✦BeastSkill and Burst
Nick Bottom✦✦✦✦BeastBurst
John Titor✦✦✦ (Three-Star)IntelligenceSkill
La Source✦✦✦PlantSkill

How to Get Dikke for Free in Reverse: 1999

If players somehow managed to swing their luck by dodging all of the healers available through summoning, they shouldn’t need to worry about going without a healer. For all beginners to Reverse: 1999, there are many events that reward the player daily for logging in, one of which is a banner that grants summoning material called Unilogs as well as a Five-Star Character named Dikke.

Dikke can be collected upon the eighth day that the player logs in, automatically summoned to the player’s crew. Dikke is a DPS and Healer character that utilizes the Beast Afflatus. Through her skill, Justice, she is able to mass heal the party based on her Attack. If an ally’s HP is lower than half or 50%, then she heals for an additional percentage based on her Attack. 

Dikke can be a valuable member of the team providing constant healing whenever the battle is looking tough but will not be a detriment to the team since her Attack and Burst can still provide damage. Her Justice Skill can also be powered up by combining the same cards, increasing her overall healing to HP+150% of Dikke’s attack for all allies. Furthermore, the more Dikke’s you get through Summoning or even through the beginner event, through Portrayal, she can receive additional buffs to her damage and healing. If you do not have one of the rarer healers that is provided in the game, Dikke can be a valuable asset to the team by acting out multiple roles.

In turn-based battles like these, you should never underestimate the role of a healer since it may just make the difference between victory and defeat. Or the rating granted upon the conclusion of the battle, by achieving the maximum number of stars, players can get more rewards such as Sharpodonty and Clear Drops. 

For more news and guides on Reverse: 1999, be sure to visit the game tag just below this article. And to keep an eye out for any new healers, check out the upcoming banner of Reverse: 1999 Arcanists to plan around if you might want a Six-Star Healer in your party.

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