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All Hairstyles in FFXIV – Full List and How to Unlock

Look at all the fake currencies you have to farm!

by Lucas White

Final Fantasy XIV’s true endgame is drip. This isn’t a controversial statement; we’re all fully aware of this truth. And a big part of that is hair, because of how elusive new styles are. These things go for millions of gil on the Market Boards, and that’s if the style is even tradable. With two more new hairstyles added to the game with the recent 6.2 patch, there are nearly 30 styles on top of the ones you start with. So here’s what they are and how to get them all.

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It’s important to note that despite “how to unlock” being part of the premise here, some of them aren’t really obtainable by normal means. Some of them are related to limited time events, and others are real money purchases. But like I said, I’ve marked everything with how to get them, so feel free to ignore the ones you can’t bother with for now. But hey, a checklist is a checklist, and who knows what’ll come back later.

Full Unlockable Hairstyle List for Final Fantasy XIV

  • Ponytails – 8,000 MGP
  • Curls – 9,600 MGP
  • Adventure 14 MGP
  • Rainmaker – 5,000 MGP
  • Lexen-Tails – 50,000 MGP
  • Lucian Locks – 20,000 MGP (FFXV Event Limited)
  • Great Lengths – 30,000 MGP
  • Styled for Hire – 18,000 Wolf Marks
  • Fashionably Feathered – 18,000 Wolf Marks
  • Eternal Bonding – Go through the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding
  • Battle-Ready Bobs – The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach
  • Scanning for Style – The Tower at Paradigm’s Beach
  • Modern Legend – 1,800 Skybuilder’s Scrips or a Fête Present drop
  • Controlled Chaos – 1,800 Skybuilder’s Scrips or a Fête Present drop
  • Saintly Style – 1,800 Skybuilder’s Scrips or a Fête Present drop
  • Wind Caller – 150 Bozjan Clusters
  • Early to Rise – 5 Bozjan Gold Coins and 30 Bozjan Platinum Coins
  • Both Ways – Zadnor Lockboxes
  • Form and Function – Bunny Pyros Lockboxes
  • Samsonian Locks – Palace of the Dead (Bronze/Iron/Silver Sacks)
  • Gyr Albanian Plait – Heaven-on-High Silver Sacks
  • Pulse – Mogstation
  • Master & Commander – Mogstation
  • Sharlayan Studies – Mogstation
  • Scion Special Issue – Mogstation
  • Scion Special Issue II – Mogstation
  • Scion Special Issue III – Mogstation
  • Liberating Locks – Mogstation
  • Strife – Limited Event Reward
  • Tall Tails – 6,000 Seafarer’s Cowries
  • Practical Ponytails – 6,000 Seafarer’s Cowries

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