All Gora Dam Item Locations in MW3

Go sightseeing instead of defusing bombs.

Modern Warfare 3 Ghost on a Dam
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The Open Combat missions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are more spacious than other levels in the campaign, and players will have to scavenge for more weapons or other upgrades. This guide will show the locations for all items on the Gora Dam mission.

MW3 Gora Dam Guide

Gora Dam is the twelfth (12) mission and the last Open Combat mission in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign. This mission features Ghost and Soap trying to prevent a dam explosion, which will act as a false flag attack. Players will have to defuse four bombs and then extract.

All Gora Dam Weapon and Item Locations in MW3

Despite the mission’s objective to quickly defuse the bombs, there is no time limit on this level. So, players can take their time exploring the map and picking up all the weapons and field upgrades without worry. Here is the Gora Dam map with all 21 weapon and item locations, separated into two sections for easier viewing.

Gora Dam West Map

The west side of the Gora Dam map contains 13 weapons and items to collect. Here is the list for all items on the west side:

  • Anti-Armor Rounds – Field Upgrade
  • Fennec 45 – SMG
  • Heartbeat Sensor – Field Upgrade
  • Incendiary Raal MG – LMG
  • MCPR-300 – Sniper Rifle
  • PILA – Launcher
  • Signal 50 – Sniper Rifle
  • Silenced 556 Icarus – LMG
  • Silenced EBR-14 – Marksman Rifle
  • Silenced Expedite 12 – Shotgun
  • Silenced Rival-9 – SMG
  • Silenced Striker – SMG
  • Snapshot Pulse – Field Upgrade

Gora Dam East Map

The east side of the Gora Dam map contains eight weapons and items to collect. Here is the list for all items on the east side:

  • Armor Box – Field Upgrade
  • Holger 26 – LMG
  • Hybrid MTZ-556 – Assault Rifle
  • KVD Enforcer – Marksman Rifle
  • Munitions Box – Field Upgrade
  • Recon Drone – Field Upgrade
  • RGL-80 – Launcher
  • Silenced M16 – Assault Rifle

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