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Open Combat missions in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 campaign force players to scavenge for weapons and upgrades to survive better. The Highrise mission takes place between two buildings and is an urban maze that is daunting to explore.

MW3 Highrise Guide

Highrise is the 10th mission of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 campaign. The mission features Gaz and Captain Price assaulting a Konni safehouse in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Players will start on the bottom floor and will have to make their way to the rooftop to capture a special target.

Killing All Enemies in Highrise MW3

It is technically possible to kill all the enemies in the Highrise mission, but only within the floor themselves. Reaching the rooftop with Captain Price will continually spawn enemies for the end of the mission.

Stealth Guide for Highrise MW3

It is possible to stealth through the mission after collecting more stealth weapons. However, being spotted will only cause an alarm that will go away after hiding on a different floor for a brief period of time.

All Highrise Weapon and Item Locations in MW3

Players are usually moving forward in missions, but Highrise has players moving up between floors of buildings. The mission has 19 weapons and items to collect, but it is not as easy as taking the stairs.

The level contains several floors that often hide away the orange storage containers for these weapons, and some floors have no caches at all. There will be 10 playable floors in the mission, but only seven floors have items to collect. The first, fifth, and 11th floors have four items each, while the seventh, ninth, and top floors have two items each. Finally, the eighth floor has only one item.

Here are all the weapons and items in Highrise, separated by floor:

Highrise Floor 1 Map

Players do not actually start on the first floor and will have to parachute down into the courtyard from above. There are two that can be easily grabbed, while the other two are locked by stuck doors. This requires jumping down the stairways down to the bottom floor on both sides to bypass the doors. Here are the four items for this floor:

  • Explosive Crossbow – Marksman Rifle
  • Incendiary Expedite 12 – Shotgun
  • Minigun – Special
  • Silenced Expedite 12 – Shotgun

Highrise Floor 5 Map

The fifth floor has four items, with two next to each other after some maneuvering around rooms. Here are the items:

  • .50 GS – Pistol
  • Silenced COR-45 – Pistol
  • Silenced TAQ-M – Assault Rifle
  • Snapshot Pulse – Field Upgrade

Highrise Floor 7 Map

Players will have to make use of the platforms outside to grab the one on the right. Here are the two weapons for the seventh floor:

  • Silenced Kastov 762 – Assault Rifle
  • Silenced MTZ Interceptor – Marksman Rifle

Highrise Floor 8 Map

The eighth floor only contains one weapon cache, and will need night vision goggles to safely make it through the dark hallway. There will be a pair nearby, and this is the weapon you will get:

  • Vel 46 – SMG

Highrise Floor 9 Map

There are only two weapons on the ninth floor:

  • LA-B 330 – Sniper Rifle
  • Silenced Striker – Shotgun

Highrise Floor 11 Map

The 11th floor features a few stuck doors, but players do not have to walk around far to destroy the chairs blocking them. Here are the four weapons for the 11th floor:

  • Incendiary Bryson 800 – Shotgun
  • PDSW 528 – SMG
  • RPK – LMG
  • WSP Stinger – SMG

Highrise Top Floor Map

The roof, or top floor, has you joining Captain Price in a firefight. It is best to do this mission on Recruit to run by enemies and grab the two cases containing:

  • Anti-Armor Rounds – Field Upgrade
  • ISO Hemlock – Assault Rifle

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