All Golden Hercules Statues in Kingdom Hearts 3

We’ll explain where to find all five Golden Herc Figures in Kingdom Hearts 3.

As you explore the world of Olympus in Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ll stumble upon some Golden Hercules statues throughout the world. For those who don’t know, you can collect these Golden Herc figures and bring them to a merchant in Agora in exchange for a nice new piece of gear. We’ll go over where to find all Golden Hercules statues in Kingdom Hearts 3 so you can go from zero to hero in no time.

All Golden Hercules Statue Locations

There are five Golden Hercules statues in Kingdom Hearts 3, and they are all scattered throughout Olympus. Here’s where to go to find each one.

Golden Hercules Statue #1

From Agora, the main town square in Thebes, head up the steps to the right of the big fountain. At the fork, go up the stairs on the left and enter the temple that is under construction. You will find the Golden Hercules statue in front of some blocks at the base of the scaffolding in the far left corner.

Golden Hercules Statue #2

This next Hercules statue is found just ahead of Overlook, the second save point in Thebes. As soon as you spawn in, walk forward to find the Golden Herc figure on top of a bench along the wall, just beyond the chest.

Golden Hercules Statue #3

From the Overlook spawn location, turn and go down the stairs on the right near the chest. Turn left and continue through the corridor until you reach some wooden planks along the walkway. Slide down the rooftops and land on the huge marble statue holding a shield. While standing on the shield, walk toward the statue’s face to find the Golden Hercules statue nearby.

Golden Hercules Statue #4

To find this Hercules statue in Kingdom Hearts 3, fast travel to the third spawn location that leads to the Garden area. From the gazebo, go up the steps on the side and follow the path until you reach a room with some scaffolding off to the right. Inside the room, you’ll find a Golden Hercules statue on a bench by some boxes.

Golden Hercules Statue #5

The fifth and final Hercules statue is found in the Garden as well. From the gazebo at the third spawn location, go down the stairs ahead of the gazebo and continue along the path until you reach a broken hole in the tiles. The Golden Hercules statue is inside the hole in the ground.

Once you have collected all five Hercules statues, return to the town square in Agora and speak to the young merchant at the tent on the opposite end of the town square from where you spawn in. He should have a series of figures displayed on some shelves. He will gladly take the five Golden Hercs you’ve collected off your hands in exchange for a Hero’s Belt, a new piece of gear that boosts your defenses and resistances to thunder, water, and air.

Now that you know where to find all five Golden Herc statues in Kingdom Hearts 3, you should have no problem getting your hands on this new piece of equipment. Check out our other Kingdom Hearts 3 guides for more gameplay tips and collectibles.

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