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All Golden Balloon Locations in Fortnite

by Larryn Bell

Fortnite’s Week 9 challenges are upon us for Season 7, and one of the challenges has players hunting down a series of golden balloons scattered about the map. Players must pop ten golden balloons to complete this premium Battle Pass challenge. We’ll show you where to look for golden balloons in Fortnite so that you can earn some quick points toward your Battle Pass and be on your way. 

Where to Pop Golden Balloons in Fortnite

Golden Balloons are found all throughout the map in Fortnite, which should make popping ten of them a relatively simple task. Golden Balloons will be standing upright and tied to various objects. The tricky part is finding and popping each Golden Balloon before another player does. If you visit one of the Golden Balloon locations on the map below and can’t find the balloon, then chances are someone else already popped it.

Fortnite gold balloon locations map

Here are a few more specifics on where to find and pop Golden Balloons in Fortnite:

  • Inside the Motel sign west of Lazy Links
  • On the roof of the main building in Dusty Divot
  • Tied to a truck on the northwest side of Tilted Towers
  • Tied to a boat on the east end of Loot Lake
  • At the bottom of the Ranger Tower near Lonely Lodge
  • On the snowy hill south of Shifty Shafts
  • Down the hole west of Happy Hamlet
  • Tied to the sign along the runway in Frosty Flights
  • Tied to the windmill in Fatal Fields
  • On the boat in the center of the desert oasis
  • Tied to the T-Rex’s arm south of Paradise Palms

Golden Balloons Fortnite

A good strategy for popping Golden Balloons in Fortnite is to join a team-based mode like Team Rumble so that you can explore a large section of the map freely without having to worry about immediately running into opponents. 

Since many of the Golden Balloons are found in the southwest region of the map, you could prioritize finding all of the Golden Balloons in a single section to knock out a handful of Golden Balloons in a single run.

Once you’ve popped 10 Golden Balloons in Fortnite, you’ll be granted five Battle Stars for your efforts. You’ll probably want to move on to searching for a Showtime Poster next so that you can quickly finish up one of the limited-time Showtime challenges in Fortnite. 

Larryn Bell

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