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A late spooky season.

Star Rail Ghost Actor Lyrics Featured

In the dreadful Fyxestroll Garden map in Honkai: Star Rail, the mysterious Ghost Actor always sings a beautifully unsettling song for the passersby. They eventually request the Trailblazer to sing with them, and it would be best if you didn’t mess up in front of an apparition.

Ghost Actor Hidden Mission Location in Honkai: Star Rail

You can find the Ghost Actor by heading to the northeast portion of the Fyxestroll Garden, right before the area where you start the Twins Trailblaze Quest (Guinaifen’s streamer event). You’ll first begin hearing a traditional Chinese song, so investigate the “stage” next to where the sound is coming from.

The Ghost Actor will reveal themselves and tell you about the Wedding Wine song they were performing, asking you to remember those lyrics. You’ve been formally invited to perform alongside them the next day, so start studying those lyrics for your own sake.

You can speak with the Ghost Actor again to rehearse a bit longer, but the performance is still scheduled for tomorrow. Wait for the next Daily Reset and return to the Ghost Actor to start performing. Approach her again, and it’ll be time to start singing correctly.

Ghost Actor “Wedding Wine” Lyrics in Honkai: Star Rail

Below are the lyrics for each verse of Wedding Wine.

1 – In devotion, my heart does yearn…

A: To be known by you, my love, in return.

2 – Candles flicker, casting shadows on the wall…

A: My bones the wick, my flesh the fragrance’s call.

3 – Robes fall away, revealing my desire…

A: In hibiscus tent, our passions shall transpire.

4 – At night, we’ll embrace as one, so tight…

A: Come tomorrow, you’ll take your flight.

The Ghost Actor gives you an extra opportunity to learn them, but here are all the answers given directly since it’s easier. For getting the melody correctly, you get the “Mountain of Recto, Water of Verso” achievement. If you messed up, you get “Apprentice, Disciple, and Renegade” instead.

Both achievements give you the same amount of Stellar Jades, so hitting the right notes is more of a personal matter. And remember, this is not the only hidden mission in this area, as another spirit also has a music-related request for you.

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