All Fontaine Shrine of Depths Locations in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths Fontaine Featured

A small bonus we can get after completing our regional exploration in Genshin Impact is uncovering its Shrines of Depth, the sealed temples housing bountiful treasures just waiting for someone to grab’em. And if you wanna be that someone, you’ll now discover where each of these temples is located in Fontaine.

All Shrine of Depths Locations in Fontaine

As of the 4.0 version, players can find and open up to 4 Shrines of Depths in Fontaine. More of those will be added as the game progresses, so just keep exploring and getting treasures from different places until these are available for hoarding. Each Shrine requires a Fontaine Shrine of Depths Key, which can be obtained through various exploration objectives in the region.

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1 – Court of Fontaine Region

The easiest of all of them to find. Just teleport to the Weapon domain nearby, turn your back to its entrance, and walk a few steps to the right to see it behind some trees.

2 – Court of Fontaine Region

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Use the Marcotte Station waypoint and start walking toward it next to the mountains. You’ll find it past a tower with a Pneumousia puzzle next to a few rocks.

3 – Beryl Region (Underwater)

Take the upper Elton Trench teleport and start swimming forward until you reach the ship wreckages next to you. Turn your camera down, and you’ll see the Shrine waiting for you to open it.

4 – Beryl Region

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Use the upper Elynas waypoint and jump down to grab this shrine. Be careful when you teleport, as there’s a very angry Rogue Hilichurl waiting for you the moment you land. Kill it or flee from it; anything goes as long as you live to grab your sealed treasure.

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Each Shrine of Depths awards the player with a chest containing 40 Primogems and various other rare rewards, such as golden Fontaine Talent Books. They’re a nice extra final reward after exploring every other corner of a region, so don’t miss them.

You can also grab the Sanctuary Pilgrim: Land of Harmonious Spring (I) achievement for unlocking them all, so that’s another plus! There are dozens of new achievements in this patch, and you can take a look at those right here.

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