All Fade Abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile allows you to take the Apex Games on the go. With this version of the game, some Legends are exclusive. Fade is one of these. Here are all of Fade’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile.

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All Fade Abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

Fade, like every Legend, has two unique abilities and an ultimate that charges up over time. Here is a list of Fade’s abilities and what they do.

  • Passive: Slipstream – You can gain a short movement speed boost at the end of the slide
  • Tactical: Flash Back – Go back to where you were a while ago from the Void
  • Ultimate: Phase Chamber – Release a phase cage to send all Legends within range into the Void

The Void pertains to an area where players cannot take or receive damage. This means you can hit your enemies with it to make a quick exit from a fight or you can drop it on your teammates to help regain footing during a skirmish.

Slipstream is great for some quick movement for escaping a battle or grabbing some high round during a fight before your enemy can zero in on you. Use it to your advantage whenever you can. Setting up for a team fight can be the make or break.

Flash Back allows you to teleport to a previous location to pull you away from the brink of death. Think Tracer from Overwatch, but without the health restoration.

We’re curious to see how these Mobile exclusive Legends push more into the expanded universe lore of Apex Legends as well as if they will ever come to the console and PC versions.

Apex Legends: Mobile offers players a way to play the battle royale on the go with their smartphones. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you’re good to go.

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