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All Factions in Company of Heroes 3 Listed

Which one will you choose?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Company of Heroes 3

One of the most exciting aspects of a new game like Company of Heroes 3 is the idea of fresh factions that players can try out for the first time. COH is all about bringing specialized units onto the battlefield and using what your faction does best to dismantle the enemy AI or players.

Which factions are included in Company of Heroes 3 isn’t as important if you’re playing the two new campaigns. In multiplayer, though, the military you utilize can make all the difference. Find out which factions were included in the game within our COH guide.

Company of Heroes 3 – All Factions Listed

At the time of release, there are four different factions that players can take control of. There are essentially two allied militaries and two Axis militaries that all offer up different playstyles for those who want to take the game online. Below you can find the full list and their brief descriptions:

Company of Heroes 3 Factions:

  • US Forces – The US Forces are some of the most adaptable in the game, and they are perfect for players who like to strategize on the fly. Many of these units are also aggressive, allowing for full fledge assaults on the enemy before they can react.
  • British Forces – Of the four factions in the game, the British are the easiest to utilize. They have a low-skill floor and a high ceiling, depending on the player. Most of the units are fairly simple in comparison to the Axis forces, and that also comes at the cost of utility.
  • Wehrmacht – These forces are the opposite of the US Forces in Company of Heroes 3. Defensive players will feel right at home with the Wehrmacht faction, and they can be nearly impossible to break when used right. Counterattacks also work well with a defensive nature.
  • Afrikakorps – The Afrikacorps is essentially the flagship faction of the new game, and they have the highest potential of the four. This faction is based around vehicles, and as we all know, that can mean total destruction of the enemy. Afrikakorps is the toughest to use by far, but it’s worth learning.

We have yet to see if more factions will be added to Company of Heroes 3 down the line. But for now, this is the lineup, and it allows for some diverse battles in an unexplored aspect of the war for the franchise.

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