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All Expedition Outpost Locations in Fortnite

by Larryn Bell

There are two challenges pertaining to Expedition Outposts in Fortnite for Season 7. One of the free Week 4 challenges tasks players with eliminating opponents at Expedition Outposts, while another challenge for Week 7 requires players to visit all Expedition Outposts. If you’re not sure where to go to complete this challenge, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll go over what the Expedition Outposts look like as well as where all Expedition Outposts are located so that you can head straight to an outpost to complete these challenges. 

All Expedition Outpost Locations

Expedition Outposts were added to the Fortnite map as part of Season 7’s winter theme. These bunkers are often found on top of hills or mountains, with some exceptions. To mark off this challenge, you will have to eliminate opponents at three different Expedition Outposts across the map. You don’t have to eliminate players inside the bunker itself–getting eliminations in the vicinity of the outpost should count for the challenge.

Fortnite Expedition Outpost

Expedition Outposts are quite large, making them easy to spot from the sky as you land from the Battle Bus. The outposts are bright red with a white diamond-shaped icon on top. Don’t confuse the Expedition Outposts for the smaller bunkers with the same icon scattered throughout the snow biome. 

We’ve circled all seven Expedition Outpost locations in Fortnite on the map below: 

Fortnite Expedition Outpost Map

We suggest attempting this challenge in one of the team-based limited time modes, such as Team Rumble. The goal of Team Rumble is to get as many eliminations as possible, so if you hang out near one of the Expedition Outposts within the storm circle in this mode, you should be able to quickly get the eliminations you need in no time.

Now that you know where to go to eliminate opponents at Expedition Outposts, you can move on to one of the more difficult challenges from Season 7, such as finding all the NOMS letters, launching fireworks, or dancing on top of towers in Fortnite.

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