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The full reveal of EA Sports College Football 25 has taken place, and fans have got first glimpses at what’s to come as part of the content. This will be EA Sports’ innovative take on creating a College Football simulator, which is expected to be quite different from the Madden series. That said, there will be plenty of different game modes for players to enjoy. 

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Will EA Sports College Football 25 Have Multiple Game Modes?

Just like the Madden franchise, EA Sports College Football 25 will have different game modes. These modes will offer a single and multiplayer experience, and there will also be a unique take on the Ultimate Team experience. EA Sports has officially revealed which game modes will be available in the maiden College Football video game. 

  • Dynasty: This will be similar to the EA FC 24 Career Mode; Players will create a coach and take the high school of their choice to the hall of fame. As a coach, you’ll be able to hire your staff, recruit talents, and develop their potential. Dynasty mode will also have an online mode, where up to 32 players will be able to compete together. 
  • Road to Glory: This will allow players to fulfill the dream of becoming a college football champion. There will be plenty of challenges as you’ll need to balance your playing and educational duties to secure your future. 
  • College Football Ultimate Team: This could be the dream destination for anyone who enjoys Ultimate Team. In EA Sports College Football 25, Ultimate Team will have plenty of different modes, which will offer challenges against both AI and human opponents. 
  • Road To The College Football Playoff: In this game mode, you’ll be able to represent your university and earn ranks by securing votes to beat the most challenging opponents. The aim will be to get as many wins as possible to win the Nation Championship. 

It appears that the developers are going all the way with EA Sports College Football 25. While there are 134 licenses for FBS lineups, you will be able to create your own college football program with the utmost ability to customize the experience.

 EA Sports College Football 25 is currently available on pre-order for the PlayStation 5/Xbox Series XlS. You can choose between the Standard and Digital Deluxe Editions (different prices and content). Alternatively, you can secure the EA Sports MVP Bundle, which also includes Madden 25 at a discounted price. 

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