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All Divination Commission Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

My divination told me I would win my 50/50. It lied.

by Patrick Souza

Getting Treasure Chests in Honkai: Star Rail is easier than expected since the game tells you how many you’re missing for said map. On the other hand, you still need to track them down in those abnormally huge maps such as the Divination Commission. Exploration is always worthwhile, but it’s always better to go directly for the goods instead of wandering aimlessly. And this article might be just what you need to avoid getting lost in this huge area. Here’s all Divination Commission treasure chest locations in Honkai: Star Rail.

All Divination Commission Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

There are 11 marked chests to be found in the Divination Commission. One of them is actually a War Trotter, but it’s marked as a chest regardless. This area has two floors and both are filled with puzzles, enemies and hidden goods.

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Enter through the bottom Space Anchor to follow the map accurately. You’ll also find tons of puzzles, fierce battles and secrets on your way through, so make sure you’re completing those too!

  • 1 – Found at the end of the corridor that doesn’t have anything shown on the map.
  • 2 – Same principles are applied to the second chest, just a little bit further ahead.
  • 3 – Warp Trotter. Look to your left and grab that pig by the tail before it runs.
  • 4 – Look at the small entrance after you beat the Trotter.
  • 5 – Leave through the upper passage and turn left to find it in a smaller area.
  • 6 – Opposite the Cycrane, easy to find right after you pass through the entrance.
  • 7 – Now leave for the safe zone Anchor and keep walking forward until you walk downstairs. Turn left and you’ll spot the chest.
  • 8 – Follow the opposite way this time until you go downstairs and find it in a huge open area.
  • 9 – Keep heading straight and turn left twice to find it next to the stairs and some porcelain vases.
  • 10 – Fix the Shifting Screen at the area directly right of this chest to reach it.
  • 11 – Right behind one of the image jade puzzles you completed during the story.

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Adding those up with all of the chest-giving puzzles in this area, you can get a total of 24 Chests in this zone alone. Not enough for you? Make sure to take a look at our chest guides for other maps if you’re aiming for 100%!

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