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All Devilish Recording Locations in Destiny 2’s Spire of the Watcher

So much platforming but it's worth it for the lore

by Daphne Fama

Season of the Seraph’s dungeon released this week, offering players a chance to obtain the Exotic combat bow, Hierarchy of Needs, new loot, and new triumphs. One of these Triumphs is a Devil in The Details, which requires you to find all six of the Devilish Recordings scattered across the Spire.

These recordings will offer you insight into the backstory of Eramis, who was a central threat in Beyond Light and who was revived by the Witness to work on the side of the Darkness. Eramis will probably play a part as Destiny 2’s season continues to unfold, but whether she’ll be redeemed is yet to be seen.

Here’s how you can obtain her recordings.

All Devilish Recording Locations in Destiny 2’s Spire of the Watcher

Recording 1

After you complete the first encounter on Mars’ surface, head down the slide. Be careful not to slam your head against the ceiling and die. You’ll enter a large room with a diamond in front of you. Usually, you’d head to the hall on your left side. But don’t go there yet. Instead, immediately turn right upon entering the room. There will be some shelves built into the wall to your right.

Jump on the first shelf, then use this as a base to jump onto the second. There, you’ll find the first Devilish Recording.

Recording 2

From the room where you found the first recording, head into the narrow corridor with the yellow walls to continue with the dungeon. At the first fork, turn left. Then turn left again. You’ll slide deeper into the spire. When you reach the end, turn left again, heading towards the orange-red light. Drop down the chute on your left side.

You’ll enter a large hall with several pipe and options to descend. Two of the options to descend will be lit up in red. Select the furthest from you, the second one. Descend down the pipe floor and you’ll enter a yellow tinged room. You’ll get a prompt marking it as Reactor Firewall. There will be a pit in front of you, about the size of a pool. Drop into it, then turn left. Along the wall, beneath a metal walkway, will be a Devilish Recording.

Recording 3

Get out of the “pool” / recessed space and head towards the control room section of the room you found the Devilish Recording 2. Once you enter the control room section, turn left. There will be pillars on your right. Reach the very last pillar on your right, which is in front of the lit diamond feature.

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Jump on the short wall that’s attached to the pillar. While on this short wall, turn back towards the diamond fixture. There are metal rafters above you. It’s our goal to ascend these metal platforms. Once you land on this larger platform, using whatever means necessary, you’ll want to ascend through the two metal bridges above you. Keep ascending until you’re able to leave the control room and enter the first true platforming section of the game.

Aim for this

When you reach the point where you’ll have to jump onto a narrow, rectangular ledge against a pillar, do so. Climb up the three platforms to your right as normal, as if you were going to continue the spire.

But when you reach the top of the three stacked platforms, instead of heading forward, as you usually would, turn around instead. On the right side of the pillar is a small platform you can jump to. You won’t be able to see it when you first make the leap, but do so with faith. Once you land, take another leap forward, but this time start angling yourself to the left. There will be a long walkway you can land on.

Do so, and you’ll find a stack of televisions, one of which has a blue screen. Interact with it and obtain your third Recording.

Recording 4

Continue through this void-like platforming area for Recording 3 until you reach the elevator. But instead of ascending, notice that there are platforms against the left wall. Land on it, and you’ll find that there’ another Devilish Recording. Almost as easy as the first and yet one frequently people run right past.

Recording 5

Ascend the elevator. You’ll enter a red-tinged room. On your right side will be another control room with older computers. Go through it, then find the next chute with ledges you can slowly ascend. It’s tedious. Rise high enough and you’ll get a prompt saying you’ve entered Reactor Firewall. Head forward, then turn left and drop down into another room with computers. This one has its windows blown out, and it’s full of sand. We’ve finally reached Ares Spire. You might be tempted to go left, out of the window, and start your platforming ascent.

Don’t – instead, enter the very last room on the right side. There, on a console, will be the fifth Devilish Recording.

Recording 6

The final Devilish Recording is obtainable after you’ve finished the first encounter and you’ve obtained your first chest for the dungeon. Head towards the lift and you’ll enter an open-air platform with computers, busted wiring, and plenty of rafters. This section actually has two levels. You can descend to a lower level by simply jumping over the metal fence. On the side furthest from the way you entered this floor will be a computer with the last Devilish Recording. This should trigger the Devil in The Details triumph at the bottom of your screen. Congratulations!

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