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All Destiny 2 Crucible Ranks Listed

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by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Two versions of ranks exist in the Destiny 2 Crucible playlists. With the latest season, the ranks were reworked in the competitive glory divisions, but most players will be taking part in the casual modes. Ranks that are leveled through the casual modes are labeled as Valor ranks.

These Valor ranks are not just indicators of how far you’ve leveled in PvP but also how close you are to new rewards such as Ascendant Shards or seasonal weapons. The Valor ranks are fairly extensive, and there are a few ways to increase them as you jump into Destiny 2. We’ll cover all of that in our Crucible ranks guide.

Destiny 2 – All Crucible Ranks Listed

To kick this guide off, we’ll start with the ranks that players need. Each Valor rank will have a set number of points that are needed to reach the next level, and of course, that number progressively gets larger. The good news is that most of the gains are easy to get. You can find the full list of ranks below.

Destiny 2 Valor Crucible Ranks

  • Guardian I – Default
  • Guardian II – 50 Points
  • Guardian III – 125 Points
  • Brave I – 250 Points
  • Brave II – 500 Points
  • Brave III – 950 Points
  • Heroic I – 1,550 Points
  • Heroic II – 1,950 Points
  • Heroic III – 2,525 Points
  • Fabled I – 3,350 Points
  • Fabled II – 3,875 Points
  • Fabled III – 4,650 Points
  • Mythic I – 5,700 Points
  • Mythic II – 6,450 Points
  • Mythic III – 7,525 Points
  • Legend – 9,000 Points
  • Legend Max Rank (Reset) – 10,000 Points

The Valor points listed for each rank are accumulative, so you won’t need to earn that many with each new level. Instead, they will all accrue until you hit the final rank. Once you reach the Crucible rank of Legend and hit the max amount of points, you can collect your rewards, such as the Ascendant Shard, and reset your rank. The second, third, or fourth time around won’t have the same amount of rewards. However, it’s still a great way to earn more Shards.

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Increasing these ranks is as simple as playing nearly anything that involves the PvP aspect of Destiny 2. You could play competitive playlists, Control, or even limited-time modes to increase the overall Valor rank in the Crucible. If you enjoy PvP, this is the way to go.

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