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All Clock Studios Theme Park Origami Birds Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Too many damn birds!

Whenever you go to Penacony in Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll always find those pesky origami birds hiding in the most curious places imaginable. Fortunately, there’s a good reward for finding them all, so here are all of the birds you can find in the Clock Studios Theme Park.

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All Clock Studios Theme Park Hidden Birds Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

There’s a total of 20 birds located in the Theme Park, a reasonable amount of them for such a big area. You get rewarded twice for finding 10 and all 20 of them respectively, so it’s time to put some work on your side detective job.

Origami Bird 1

Enter the Theme Park Entrance and interact with the movie wheel next to a few people.

Origami Bird 2

Interact with the cash-spilling machine on the left side of the room

Origami Bird 3

In the left passage to the center of the central zone in the map, hidden in a movie poster.

Origami Bird 4

Next to Elvira, hidden in the letters.

Origami Bird 5

At the end of the central zone, in the same zone where you fought Aventurine. Hidden inside a tiny box.

Origami Bird 6

At the soda announcement next to the Clockie merch vendors. A bit hard to see, so put your camera up.

Origami Bird 7

In front of the bartender, inside a chair.

Origami Bird 8

At the center of the labyrinth, right next to where you found the area’s Trotter.

Origami Bird 9

Inside a flashlight surrounded by enemies.

Origami Bird 10

On a bench next to the filming section.

Origami Bird 11

Hidden in the group photo cardboard. Remember to invite your friends to make some memories!

Origami Bird 12

Inside a balloon next to the Hanu machine.

Origami Bird 13

Use the aforementioned Hanu machine and follow the way in the Hanu-exclusive area until you find another balloon with a bird in it.

Origami Bird 14

At the end of the alley next to the filming area. The bird is hidden inside a box behind a cardboard.

Origami Bird 15

In the “hidden” area you need to visit for a chest and to start the Cabin in the Woods achievement mini-quest.

Origami Bird 16

Inside a camera next to the Crimson Calyx bud.

Origami Bird 17

Around the Hanu area in the lower portion of the map, hidden on the ground.

Origami Bird 18

In one of the many cardboard figures scattered around the filming area where enemies are roaming.

Origami Bird 19

Inside the money case behind the filming camera.

Origami Bird 20

In a box next to the card surrounded by enemies. Interact with the car too to get an achievement!

Finding them all will take you a good while, but once you do, head to the Young Master Gold bird to claim your rewards: 30 Stellar Jades, 180 Clockie Credits, and a Final Victor Light Cone. It isn’t much, but a free Light Cone can always be useful, as well as having extra resources for pulling characters! And don’t forget to claim all treasures in this area as they are one of the best Jade sources around here.

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