All Chucky Perks and Abilities in Dead by Daylight

Get ready to be proxy camped and tunneled by this incredibly evil little doll
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Chucky’s a doll that just won’t stay dead. Here are all of Chucky’s abilities and perks in Dead by Daylight.

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Dead by Daylight: All of Chucky’s Perks and Killer Powers

If there’s one doll you don’t want to see, it’s the knife-obsessed Chucky. He’s coming to the Fog with some exceptionally on-point Perks that really speak to his hobby of running around enclosed areas while on murder sprees. So, let’s dive right in.

Chucky’s Killer Power in Dead by Daylight

If you’re wondering how such a tiny killer will do any damage in Dead by Daylight, don’t worry. Chucky’s Killer Power handles the height differential just fine.

Killer Power

  • The Good Guy has two modes he can switch between; Normal Mode and Hidey-Ho Mode. Due to his short height, The Good Guy also has a fixed third-person camera positioned above and behind him, giving the player a better view of his surroundings. He is also much shorter than other Killers making him very stealthy, however, he leaves fading footprints behind as he walks.

Special Ability

  • Press the Active Ability button to enter Hidey-Ho Mode for 20 seconds. While in this mode, the Killer has no Terror Radius, and “distraction” footprints and audio are spawned all across the map.

Special Attack: Slice & Dice

  • While in Hidey-Ho Mode, press and hold the Special Attack button to charge up a Slice & Dice Attack. When charged, sprint forward at high speed, triggering an attack at the end (or whenever the Special Attack button is released).

Special Ability: Scamper

  • While in Hidey-Ho Mode, when you are near a vault or pallet, press the Interaction button to scamper through it quickly without breaking it.

Chucky’s Perks in Dead by Daylight

Chucky’s all about a little vengeance and chaining kills. And while Two Can Play and Friend ‘Til the End seem like niche perks meant for more fun builds, Batteries Included has huge late-game potential.

  • Hex: Two Can Play

Anytime you are stunned or blinded by a Survivor 4/3/2 times, if there is no Hex Totem associated with this Perk, a Dull Totem becomes a Hex Totem. While the Hex Totem stands, Survivors who stun or blind you get blinded for 1.5 seconds.

  • Friends ‘Til the End

When you hook a Survivor that is not the Obsession, the Obsession becomes exposed for 20 seconds and reveals their aura for 6/8/10 seconds. When you hook the Obsession, another random Survivor screams and reveals their position and becomes the Obsession.

  • Batteries Included

When within 12 meters of a completed Generator, you have 5% Haste. The movement speed bonus lingers for 1/3/5 seconds when you are no longer in range.

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