COD DMZ Season 3
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All Changes Coming to COD DMZ in Season 3

Save those armor vests.

Multiplayer and the Battle Royale for Modern Warfare 2 are always the star aspects of a fresh season in Call of Duty, but that doesn’t mean the DMZ gets left behind. In Season 3, there are some fantastic features being added to the mode that has been requested in some form for a while.

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One of the largest complaints about the mode has been not being able to retain armor plates, self-revives, and more within a locker. That’s just one feature getting some attention in COD DMZ Season 3 and we’ll detail all of the major changes in our guide below.

COD DMZ Season 3 – All New Features Listed

The main focus of the DMZ in COD Warzone 2 Season 3 is systems that allow for more customization within the mode. This means workbenches that provide the tools to alter Contraband, pseudo-locker slots, and a buy station trader. These all work in tandem to make the mode much deeper and you can find all the descriptions here.

DMZ Season 3 Features:

  • Barter System – Stock up on items and save them so that you can sell them or trade them at these fresh Buy Stations. The Barter System in these stations will allow players to exchange the items they have for new equipment beyond using cash like before.
  • Workbench – Many of the Buy Stations on the map will also have Workbenches now. These new tables will allow DMZ players to modify contraband weapons that they find on the map and change out some of the existing attachments.
  • Active Duty Operator Slots – These slots will serve as pseudo-lockers. Players can save armor vests, self-revives, and more with specific Operators. If you want to save that equipment, simply play as a different Active Operator with less equipment.
  • New Faction, Bosses, and Equipment – This is a mix of some new content that DMZ players can expect. When Season 3 of COD launches, there will be two new bosses, a new backpack, new plate carriers, and a fresh Faction to level within the mode.

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Of course, you can also expect some resets to the missions and mission progress for Factions within the DMZ mode in Season 3. That means more objectives to take on along with the fresh features, and potentially some new rewards. We’ll have to wait and see on April 12.

And that is all. For more on the latest Call of Duty title, head over to our dedicated Warzone 2 section full of guides, news, updates, and more.

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