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All Business Card Locations in The Devil In Me – Listed

He's a man of many interests, chief among them being murder

by Daphne Fama

The Devil In Me has no shortage of collectibles. From the coins you give the dead to anatomy diagrams that will show you how your favorite character might die, each Chapter is littered with endless items. But one of the smaller, and easier to miss, items is Grandhem Du’Met’s business cards. But by finding all of these sleek cards, you’ll be able to net the Man of Many Interests achievement. So, why not pick up these cards while you’re gathering everything else?

All Business Card Locations in The Devil in Me

Business Card 1

Chapter: Cigarettes

Once you gain control of Charlie, exit your hotel room and enter the hallways. Turn left twice. Beside a drawer, hidden out of view, is business card 1 on the floor.

Business Card 2

Chapter: Blood Trai

When descending the stairs as Charlie with Jamie into the wrecked lobby, turn immediately left once you hit the landing. The business card will be on the floor near the collection of chairs beside the stairs.

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Business Card 3

Chapter: Spa

When Jamie and Mark fall through the Spa’s lobby floor, don’t vault over the lockers. Instead, head down the hall and turn right. There, at the dead end on the floor, will be the third business card.

Business Card 4

Chapter: Cliffside

While controlling Charlie, you’ll meet Mark. Before heading up the ladder, inspect the tree in the middle of the yard. There, around its edges, closer to Mark, and the door you want to get through, will be a business card.

Business Card 5

Chapter: Lighthouse

The last and final Business card is in the lighthouse. Climb up the stairs from the basement of the lighthouse. Once you enter the main floor, approach the chair in the corner of the bedroom. On the floor beside it will be the business card.