All Armored Core 6 Stats Explained (AC6)

A lot of information to parse.

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There are a lot of abbreviations, proper nouns, and other terms in Armored Core 6. Luckily, we are here to break each one down and give you a little information on how to parse all of this information that might seem more impenetrable than the mechs of Armored Core 6.

All Stats and Abbreviations Explained in AC6

Below, you will find each stat and a small description explaining what it does and how it affects your mech build in AC6.

  • AP: Your Armor Points which directly affect how much defense your mech has.
  • Anti-Kinetic Defense: Your damage mitigation against Kinetic weapon damage, which is one of the many types you’ll come across
  • Anti-Energy Defense: Damage mitigation against Energy weapon damage.
  • Anti-Explosive Defense: Your damage mitigation against Explosive damage.
  • Attitude Stability: The higher this number is, the less likely your mech is to stagger fully.
  • Attitude Recovery: Faster recovery of the stagger bar.
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  • Target Tracking: Your ability to track foes more accurately. Increase the value to provide more accurate shots while moving.
  • Boost Speed: The speed at which you thrust. The lower the weight of your AC, the faster it will be.
  • QB Speed: The speed at which you can Quick Boost.
  • QB EN Consumption: How much EN is used when Quick Boosting.
  • QB Reload Time: How long it takes to recover your boost gauge. The lower the number, the faster it reloads.
  • EN Capacity: The amount of EN your AC has. The more it has, the more boosting you can do without needing to recharge.
  • EN Supply Efficiency: The efficiency with which your AC can use EN abilities. A higher number will allow for faster recharging before hitting 0.
  • EN Recharge Delay: The amount of time it takes to recharge from an empty EN gauge
  • EN Output: The total amount of EN your AC can output.
  • EN Recharge: Directly related to the EN Recharge Delay, the higher the number, the shorter amount of time the delay will be before recharge begins.

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  • Total Weight: How heavy your AC is. This will determine how fast your AC can move.
  • Total Arms Load: The weight of each weapon attached to your arms.
  • Arms Load Limit: The total amount of weight that your arms can bear before losing accuracy and recoil.
  • Total load: Your entire AC Weight minus legs.
  • Load Limit: The total weight your legs can support. The higher the Total Load, the less maneuverability your AC will have.
  • Total EN Load: The AC can not go on missions if the EN value exceeds the load limit.
  • Current Load: What you currently have versus the maximum load of your current build.
  • Current Arms Load: Weight of arms versus the Total Load.
  • Current EN Load: The current EN load versus the Maximum EN load for your build.

Those are all of the stats in Armored Core 6 explained. Now that you know what they do, it’s time to pick your weapons and parts to maximize your build.

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