All Apex Legends Rebirth Event Materia Listed

Blue Materia's going to cause so many people to rage

Who expected this Final Fantasy VII x Apex Legends collab? Here’s all the Materia you can grab in the latest Apex Legends event, Rebirth, and what they do.

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All Apex Legends Rebirth Event Materia Listed

Apex Legends is celebrating the midseason with a splashy new event that features some of the most iconic characters in JRPG history: the party of Final Fantasy VII.

The Rebirth Event, Takeover, will let players equip Cloud’s iconic Buster Sword R2R5. But this heavy weapon isn’t the only thing on the ground. Materia Hop-UP can be grabbed as well. And each Materia Hop-Up has its own unique ability.

MateriaAbilityAbility Description
Blue MateriaHP AbsorbDamage enemies to heal yourself
Green MateriaLightningReload an empty weapon to emit a shock nova, damaging and slowing nearby enemies
Purple MateriaCrit Rate UpRandom criticals provide extra damage
Red MateriaSummonSummon a Nessie companion to attack your foes
Yellow MateriaAssessDamage enemies to see their remaining health

Of course, these Materia Hop-Ups are extremely powerful and can easily change the tide of a fight. But the best one, of course, is the Red Materia, which will send a giant plush Nessie doll scuttling towards your foes. We don’t even have to wait for April Fools this year to torment our enemies with these adorable minions.

The Rebirth Takeover event is scheduled to run from January 9 to January 30. During that time, you’ll be able to earn Gil, an event currency, which can be used in the Rewards shop. Possible rewards include an Apex Pack, a Battle Pass Star, a holospray, and a Cacutar weapon keyring. The Reward Shop will rotate inventory weekly.

For a deeper look at all the new changes, check out the January 9 full patch notes for Apex Legends here.

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