All Anubis Callouts in CS2: Map Guide

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Anubis Callouts CS2 map
Image via IGDB / Valve Software

If you are into Premier mode in CS2, you will need to know all the maps in the Premier mode rotation. I have prepared a map guide for all the callouts on the Anubis map in CS2.

Every Anubis Landmark in CS2 – Anubis Callouts Listed

In Premier, many players immediately try to ban Anubis as soon as possible, and the reason for this behavior is unknown to me. There’s nothing wrong with Anubis. It’s a lovely map, easy to learn, and I’m here to give you a stepstone to mastering it.

Below, you will find a complete map of Anubis, labeled with all callouts, for easier understanding:

General Tips for Anubis in CS2

  • Due to its compact design, Ts can attack the two sites from seven directions (five if we’re being serious and counting just the fastest entry points, without any trick/fake tactics that have the Ts rotate through CT spawn), and that looks like a big problem, similar to how Ancient was designed. However, the design of Anubis is tighter, and it’s easier (on paper) to close the “holes.”
    • CTs have the difficult task of dividing the five players across the map so that the defense setup makes sense, but on average, it looks like this:
    • One CT will defend B gate from various positions.
    • One CT will defend B connector and probably look at the Water
    • One CT will defend the Mid Bridge
    • One CT will defend A Main, probably from Fountain or Heaven
    • One CT will defend A, but probably from A Connector.
  • The last CT may start as a backup to Mid and then rotate to A or vice versa.
  • A lot of information can be gained about the T movement early on. The CT from the Connector can check if Ts are rushing through the Water or jumping off of the Mid Bridge. CT from A can hear if there is movement from Water because that’s really, REALLY audible (see how this appears on your radar).
  • I advise you to deploy utility at key choke points early on to prevent early rushes:
    • Gate
    • Mid
    • The border between A Main and Boat
  • The connector is a different story because Ts can’t get to it too fast, and usually, the CT will have the peeker’s advantage.

I hope this article will be a great introduction to Anubis for you. Read about how to most efficiently rank up in CS2 and the best radar settings in CS2 if you need general tips on improving your game, right here at Prima Games.

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