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All Antiquity Hunt Relic Locations in Genshin Impact

What type of ancient society would hide their relics here?

by Patrick Souza

In the “A Parade of Providence” event in Genshin Impact, the Traveler engages in various activities, each one of them representing one of the Six Darshans of the Sumeru Akademiya. One of them is the Antiquity Hunt, prepared by members of the Vahumana. This Darshan studies ancient history and social sciences, so of course that its activity would be…relic hunting.

Just like the other minigames in the event, new locations are added every few days, with each one of them making you go back and forth looking for relics in different areas. And in case you’re struggling with finding these lost relics, no need to worry anymore, as here you’ll find all of the Antiquity Hunt Relic locations in Genshin Impact.

All Antiquity Hunt Relic Locations in Genshin Impact

There are three hunts available, each one of them rewarding a few Primogems and other resources. Make sure you’re equipped with the Search Compass that’s given to you when searching for these relics. This article will be updated as new hunts are made available in the game.

Antiquity Hunt: Part I

Location: Devantaka Mountain

There are two relics to be found here. Jump down through the waterfall and place your compass just a few steps next to it. The first relic can be found next to some rocks on your right when facing the waterfall. Place the compass so you can find it. too far, some Electro Fungi will attack and start interfering with the compass. Eliminate them to make things go back to normal and narrow down the relic’s whereabouts.

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After getting the first one, the second relic’s location becomes easier to find. The relic is hidden next to a few Electro Crystals, but you’ll need to destroy them with a Pyro character if you get too close. The relic is hidden right past them, next to the fishing spot and some nearby Nilotpala Lotuses. Place your compass so you can find its location.

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Antiquity Hunt: Part II

Location: Dar al-Shifa

The two relics here are found in the oasis next to the Dendro Hypostasis. One of them can quickly be found by heading into the small “island” in the center of the pond. Place down your compass and, if you happen to get any interference, just use any Pyro character to deal with the Mistflower nearby. It should be easy to spot the relic after that.

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You might get some interference while looking for the second one. Remove another Mistflower in the center to narrow down the relic’s location. You’ll ultimately find it next to the Hilichurl hub. Defeat them (only two) and place your compass that will point it as being to the right when facing the hub.

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Antiquity Hunt: Part III

The final challenges are located in the Dunes of Elusion, AKA right in front of the mechanical desert boss. The first relic is located right next to the teleport. Just give a few steps forward and place down the compass to get some readings. You might have to deal with some wandering Eremites, but that’s the least of your problems.

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You might wanna use Hydro/Cryo to take down the Flaming Flower nearby before it causes you some interference. After that, place the compass opposite the Waypoint and next to the area’s borders. The final relic will be there waiting for you to collect it.

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After you get all of them, return to the Darshan stand to collect your last reward. No fourth relic for chasing, but at least we got lots of gems!

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