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All A Thousand Nights (III) Pages Locations in Genshin Impact

The final pages. At least in this desert

by Patrick Souza
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Good stories are hard to come by. Some stories are just hard to come by completely. The A Thousand Nights book in Genshin Impact is very unique as each of its chapters has been scattered around the desert, and it’s up to the Traveler to gather them up to reveal the full story. To help in this tiresome quest, here are the locations for all the A Thousand Nights (III) pages.

All A Thousand Nights (III) Pages Locations in Genshin Impact

Before heading into this journey, make sure you have completed both the Dirge of Bilqis questline and the Tadhla the Falcon quests that follow up to power up your Jinni in the Magic Bottle gadget to its maximum potential. Keep it equipped at all times, as it’s crucial to scout the deserts.

A Thousand Nights III Pages 1
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1 – Above the boxes next to the stairs in the Tanit Camp.

2 – Right above another box. It’s not on the cliff, so don’t bother climbing it.

3 – Above the temple next to the teleport and a few stone puzzles.

4 – Take the underground waypoint and follow the ruins until you reach an area with a small river with fungi and slimes. The page is next to a few slimes.

A Thousand Nights III Pages 2
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5 – Next to a tree. You can use the wind current to reach it quickly.

6 – Use the nearby teleport and glide down to find it amidst the debris.

7 – Use the underground teleport and climb up the temple in front of the Weathered Obelisk. The page is lying on its roof.

A Thousand Nights III Pages 3
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8 – Possibly the hardest one to reach. Go for the nearby underground teleport and turn back. Use the grappling hooks to go all the way up. Go for the door in the same direction as the icon and keep following it until you reach a “Connect the Junctions” puzzle area. The page will be next to the Seelie court.

9 – In a wood structure, guarded by a few enemies.

10 – Lying in the sands above the ground. It’s geographically close to the domain, but that domain’s in the underground.

With all of this finally done, it’s time to get your so-deserved reward. Open your Inventory and head to the Quest tab to find all 10 pages. Craft them into the definitive chapter, and if you’ve already found the other 50 pages for the missing chapters, you can finally get the full picture done.

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