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All A Thousand Nights (II) Pages Locations in Genshin Impact

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by Patrick Souza
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Collecting books in Genshin Impact can be a daunting task when so many of them are hidden in the most obnoxious places or are simply made harder to get for the sake of being hard. A Thousand Nights is somewhere in the middle between those, being divided into 6 chapters composed of 10 pages each, and you got to find every single one of them. To help you with that, here are the locations of all torn pages for A Thousand Nights (II).

All A Thousand Nights (II) Pages Locations in Genshin Impact

To find all of them, be sure to have completed all the Dirge of Bilqis quests and the Tadhla the Falcon questline that comes right after, as they’ll change the geography of the desert and give you access to some previously unreachable places.

A Thousand Nights II Pages 1
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1 – In the Tanit camps, guarded by a friendly Eremite.

2 – Next to the Chess Pieces in Safhe Shatranj

3 – Below the deactivated Ruin Guard, right beside the teleport.

4 & 5 – Technically underground. Use the nearby teleport and fall down to the right of the grappling hook right in front of you to find the first page. Then use another hook in front of you to reach the second one at the top of the statue.

A Thousand Nights II Pages 2
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6 – Right in front of the teleport, really hard to miss.

7 – After grabbing the last page, turn to your right and keep gliding until you reach a small Eremite camp. The page is at the top of a hill above one of their tents, next to a rock.

8 – Go to the Jinni Temple and interact with the walls until you find a secret passage containing the page. Requires having the Jinni gadget equipped and all of its fragments obtained through quests.

9 – A bit past the previous page next to a sleeping Sumpter Beast.

A Thousand Nights II Pages 3
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10 – Behind a rock wall next to a few destroyed pillars. The Rainforest teleport (at its right side) is definitely the quicker route.

After going through hell and back for those pages, you can just open your Inventory to find all 10 pages waiting for you in the Quests tab. Craft them to get the full chapter, which can be read in the Archive if you care enough for the lore.

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