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Alien: Isolation Collectibles – Find all 10 Nostromo Logs – Archivist Trophy

by Prima Games Staff

Survive the horrors of Sevastopol with Prima’s Alien: Isolation walkthrough.

Alien: Isolation is a tense and atmospheric experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless when it comes to trophy lovers. If you’re looking to delve deeper into the game’s story, as well as snag up a nice achievement to show to your friends, you’ll want to gear up and make your way around Sevastopol, snatching up any Nostromo Logs you find along the way. To help you out, we removed the guesswork and created a handy guide to help you quickly find the collectibles so you can unlock your newest achievement, Archivist.

The first Nostromo Log you’ll come across is located near the end of Mission 4: Seegson Communications, and is found inside the Relay Facility near your starting point on the map. You’ll see the small terminal-like computer on the left side of the room once you enter.

The best way for Ripley to grab the next seven Nostromo Logs is for you to load up Mission 16: Transmission and free roam to the selected areas. We highly suggest waiting to grab them on this mission, because at this point you’ll have all the tools and upgrades you need to access the rooms holding the terminals. Remember to be careful, as the Xenomorph patrols the area you’re in, and will be attracted to any loud noises you make.

Once you load the mission up, head to Lorenz Systech Spire using the transit system and elevators. Once here, navigate to the room marked Server Control and pass into the gas cloud to the right to grab the second audio log of our trip.

The third Nostromo Log you’ll need to grab is located in Gemini Exoplanet Solutions. Once you arrive, head up the ladder near the save point in Ore Processing. Follow the corridor forward and into a door on the right. Use your Cutting Torch to open the door inside this room on the left and grab the audio log inside.

Now head back to Lorenz Systech Spire and up the stairs from the transit with the Workplace Solutions sign above them. At the top of the stairs, use your Security Access Tuner to gain entry into the room on the left and grab the Nostromo Log inside.

The next Nostromo Log can be found by traveling to Sevastopol SciMed Tower and heading into the main area from the Transit Station. Turn immediately to the left and cross the room to the locked door beside the desk. Use your Ion Torch to open the panel hiding the switch and enter the office to grab the log off the desk.

Now head to the Primary Care Floor in the San Cristobal Medical Facility, and from the elevator that leads back to Seegson Communications, cross through the door marked Service Elevator in front of you. Follow the corridor and use your Ion Torch on the door to the right. You’ll find the Nostromo Log just inside the gas filled room and to the right on the desk.

The seventh Nostromo Log is found over in Seegson Synthetics. Head to Synthetic Storage and make your way down the corridor to the ladder, climbing up to the upper level. Turn a 180 degree turn at the top and pass into the gas-filled room to grab the next collectible off the cart.

Your eighth audio log, and the final one you’ll need to grab while free roaming in Mission 16: Transmission is located over in the Maintenance Deck of Engineering. Head to the room where you had to activate the generators and move the car in Mission 14: The Descent. From here, move up the ramp to an unmarked door with a security panel on it. Use your Security Access Tuner to gain access and listen to the Nostromo Log in the back left corner.

The final two logs are found in Mission 17: Desolation. The first one you’ll find is in the control booth where you Initialize Transit System after restoring the power. Once you enter the booth, you’ll see the log on the right side of the room, directly opposite of the desk with your mission objective switch.

Now you’ll need to continue into the mission until you reach the Security area of the Spaceflight Terminal. Head down the stairs to the left and turn right at the bottom. Turn right once more to spot the door you need to open in the center of the wall. Use your Ion Torch to get through and grab the final Nostromo Log from the desk on the far end of the room. You should now receive the Archivist achievement. Congratulations!

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