Alien: Isolation Collect all 50 I.D. Tags – The Taken Trophy

Collect all 50 Personnel I.D. Tags hidden throughout Sevastopol.

Survive the terror with Prima’s Alien: Isolation walkthrough.

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Take a break from getting slaughtered in Alien: Isolation by collecting all 50 of the Personnel I.D. Tags hidden throughout Sevastopol Station. We’ve taken the liberty of locating every tag so you don’t have to stumble around looking for these collectibles.

Mission 2

Z. Watson – You’ll find the first tag next to the corpse where Ripley picks up the Maintenance Jack.

A. Fielding – Once you follow Axel out of his hideout, turn to the left and then look for the blocked off vent with the I.D. Tag to your left.

Mission 3

A. Hutchison – Once you reach the lobby of Lorenz Systech Spire, head towards the woman as she shoots at you, crouching to avoid her shots. Look behind the desk on the floor to the left to grab the first I.D. Tag of this mission.

C. Ward – The next I.D. tag of this area is located inside the Tech Support area, just to the right of the door you use the keycard you find with the Revolver.

J. Williams – Once you get the Data Cell for the Security Access Tuner,make your way out of the Archives room and turn right down the corridor to Systems Monitoring. Use your Access tuner on the door halfway down the hall to find the next tag on desk by the coffee mug.

Mission 4

T. Curwen – After watching the Android bash in the man’s head, crawl forward and out of the vent. Now head into the room where you disable the camera and walk to the left, making sure not to let the Android see you. You’ll find the tag on the desk right beside the stairs.

D. Turner – Use the Access Rewire in the room where you enter the hallway and hear Samuel’s communication. Activate the doors and then head into the hallway and all the way left to the door on the left. Grab this tag from the floor inside.

P. Brophy – While escaping Seegson Communications, head into Service Exchange and through to the door on the other side. Grab this tag off the desk in the far back corner of the lower room.

T. Armer – Head into the Relay Facility to grab this I.D. Tag off the dashboard as you follow the room around.

Mission 5

B. Ransome – Head down the stairs to the left of the Save Station in the transit and into Facility Management.  Grab this tag off the desk inside.

F. Whitechapel – After speaking with Dr. Kuhlman, head into the vent on the opposite side of the area. Follow it to the first exit on your right and grab the tag off the desk to your right.

C. Burrows – Head around the hallway where the Day Room is and look for the padded room with the bloody corpse inside. This I.D. Tag is on the ground next to the corpse.

T. Miller – After getting the passcode from Dr. Morley’s computer, head up the stairs and to the left. Enter the passcode into the Nurse’s Station on the left and then enter the adjacent room to your left to find the I.D. tag on the desk in the corner.

L. Tart – Enter the Passcode to enter the Staff Quarters area and follow the hallway to the far right eating area. You’ll find this collectible on the counter in the back.

A. lynch – Find this tag in Room A-27 on the patient’s table.

Mission 6

C. McCormack – Grab this I.D. Tag by using the Access Rewire in the right side Coolant Room and snagging it from the tray that opens to your left when you activate the vents.

A. Sawers – Head to the right of the corpse in the wheelchair and grab this collectible by following the hallway to the first room on your left. You’ll find it in front of the monitor on the desk.

K. Neville – Find this tag in one of the hanging cubby holes in the Operating Theater.

Mission 7

O. Sans-Gomez – Head forward from the mission start to grab this collectible from the ground to the left of the nearby corpse.

N. Brunswick – You’ll locate this last mission I.D. tag in the back center room where you find the Requisitions Android. Look in front of the body laying against the wall in front of the desk.

Mission 8

E. Koorlander – After starting this mission, head past Marshall Waits and grab this tag off the nearby transit bench to your right as you move towards the Save Station.

K. Clarke – Remove the lock from the elevator and head up to Transit Control to snag this I.D. Tag off the floor on the lower front level under the console.

V. Nash – You’ll find this collectible after using your Cutting Torch on the panel and crawling into the vent. Follow the vent down the ladder and then exit to find this I.D tag next to the keyboard on the front desk.

K. Lingard – Once you arrive at Solomon’s Galleria, head up the stairs to your right and then take your first left, hugging the left wall until you find the I.D. Tag on the bench.

Mission 10

W. Woodbury – This tag is found inside the door to the right of where you found the Flamethrower. Look for it on the left windowsill.

R. Tafler – Head into Server Hub Reception and up the stairs to Tech Support. Use the terminal inside SEegson Security to open the cells and grab this tag from the left hand cell.

C. Gascoyne – You can locate this collectible after using Ricardo’s Lockdown code. Head into the Server Farm and head to your right back by the table with the large red object. Grab this I.D. Tag off the table in the back room.

K. Lenton – Find this tag shortly after triggering the Lab Research Breaker. Climb into the nearby vent and follow it for a few seconds to find the tag by a bloody corpse.

P. Ryniak – While on route to Project KG348, head to your right down the stairs and into the Decontamination Room. Take your first left and grab this tag from the bed beside the man on the ground rocking back and forth.

Mission 11

B. Hymers – Find this I.D. Tag in the room where you have to restart the power. Head to the desk opposite the switch to grab the tag.

G. Ramsey – From the burning metal ramp of the Galleria,head through the left hand metal door. Head up the stairs to your left and hug the right wall to find the collectible on the bench.

Mission 12

B. Bullock – Find this tag on a desk in the right hand room through the unmarked door past the room where you deactivate one of the generators to cut the power to the electrified door. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you pass the immobile Android and see a pile of Working Joes on the floor of a room to your right. Head forward to spot your door.

J. Mitchell – You’ll find this I.D. tag under the desk just in front of the save station in Sales Agreement.

E. Hampton – Locate this collectible be heading through the rooms with all the sleeping synths. Once you reach the third room, enter the middle office and climb in the floor vent. Follow this vent to your left to find the tag at the end.

E. Guevara – Enter the unmarked door just outside the area where Samuel’s died to find this tag on the floor in front of you. It is between a cabinet like cart and a radio-style machine.

Mission 13

J. Shotliff – Exit the transit and head to your left into Apollo Transit Security to find this collectible on the desk to your left.

K. Hussein – You’ll find this tag in the first door to your left once you enter the Left Hemisphere Servers. Look on top of the stacked crates to collect it.

G. Spedding – Head into the Monitoring Control Room to find this I.D. Tag on the console across from the tape recorder.

J. King – Once you enter the right side of the Human Consultation Room, look directly down to find this I.D. Tag. If you don’t see it, try looking in front of the other door, as you may have entered the room differently.

Mission 14

Chief Porter – This tag is found in the room where you collect the Boltgun. Grab it from the bloody bunk opposite the desk.

P. Timlett – Find this I.D. tag on the shelf behind the ladder where you locate Ripley’s Shotgun and Revolver.

Mission 15

J. Jones – Head into the Ambulance Bay and grab your Security Access Tuner upgrade. Make a 180 degree turn and head to the opposite side of the room. You should spot this handy tag on the floor in the corner.

Mission 16

M. Radcliffe – Once you spot the flaming Android next to the Ion Torch panel, immediately open the panel and crawl into the vent. Head to your right and follow the vent to your first exit on the left. Now turn left and head up the stairs, turning right at the top and locating this collectible on the bench ahead.

M. Perry – Travel to Lorenz Systech Spire and head into the lobby, taking the stairs on your right. Head to the Kitchens and open the door using your Security Access Tuner. You’ll find this tag on the center desk inside.

K. Bennet – Now travel over to Solomon’s Habitation and head left from your transit. Continue up the stairs and access the first room on your left. This collectible is inside on the left most console, on the back wall.

O. Smith – Once you’re back in Seegson Communications and following your main objective, head down the elevator in E.V.A. Preparation. Once you reach the bottom, grab this tag from its spot hanging on the wall in front of you.

Mission 17

E. Winters – From the transit, head forward and to your right. Turn down the stairs to your left and grab this tag from the bench after turning left at the bottom.

F. Sinclair – You’ll find this tag in Living Area past the Air Hockey table when looking for an alternate route to the Spaceflight Terminal. Look to your left to find it laying across the bed.

Mission 18

R. Padjdlhauser – Grab this I.D. Tag from the table in front of the blood corpse between your first two objectives of the mission. It’s hard to miss the corpse since you have to walk this way.

S. Cooper – You’ll get the final I.D. Tag of the game after being pulled back to the nest by the Xenomorph. Once you wake up, grab it off the bench immediately to your left.

Congratulations, you found all 50 of the collectible I.D. Tags located through Sevastopol Station. Give yourself a round of cheers for unlocking the Voices of Sevastopol Trophy!

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