The hellish survival horror game Agony features seven different endings for players to unlock. The ending you get depends on the choices you make during your time in the grotesque underworld. While some of these endings seem straightforward, others are not as simple. We’ll explain the requirements for unlocking all seven endings in Agony and the achievements and trophies associated with each, where applicable.

Agony Endings Guide

Ending #1 - Normal Ending

  • Complete the game and defeat the final boss.

To get the Normal Ending in Agony, all you need to do is play through the game and win against the final boss on the last level of the game. As long as you haven’t gone out of your way to meet the requirements of any other endings, then you should get the Normal Ending. This will also unlock the achievement titled The Scarlet Woman.

Ending #2 - Evil Ending

  • Kill 70 characters and reach the Cathedral on Level 4.

To get the Evil Ending in Agony, players must kill at least 70 characters throughout the game. It shouldn’t matter which type of enemies you kill. To get this ending, you must also making it to the Cathedral on the fourth level. This ending is also one half of the requirements for unlocking the Good and Evil achievement/trophy.

Ending #3 - Madman Ending

  • Sit for five minutes in the Mushroom Mind, without moving.

This ending is a bit tedious compared to the other endings in Agony. To unlock the Madman Ending, you must make your way to the Mushroom Mind. Once you reach it, you must stand still without moving for five minutes straight. Keep your hands off your keyboard, mouse, or controller to ensure you don’t accidentally move during the five minutes. Doing this will also unlock the I Found a Job achievement/trophy.

Agony Baphomet Ending

Ending #4 - Baphomet Ending

  • Win with the Baphomet and unlock his 3D figurine in the Fractal Forest.

For the Baphomet Ending in Agony, players must finish the Level 1 boss fight with the Baphoment and obtain his 3D figurine. Continue to reach the Mushroom Mind afterward to unlock this ending. Doing so will also unlock the achievement/trophy titled Your Soul is Mine!

Ending #5 - Angel Ending

  • Find four Angels and reach the end of Level 2.

There is an Angel found on each level of Agony. To complete the Angel Ending, you must find all four Angels in the game. You must then reach the end of Level 2. Complete the Angel Ending as well as the Evil Ending to unlock the Good and Evil trophy/achievement.

Agony Succubus Ending

Ending #6 - Succubus Ending

  • Finish the game as a Succubus.

This ending is pretty straightforward. In order to get the Succubus Ending in Agony, you must complete the game as a Succubus. This will also unlock the Pull It Out! achievement/trophy. To play as a Succubus, play through the Story Mode to complete the game, then begin again on the newly-unlocked Succubus Mode.

Ending #7 - Nimrod Ending

  • Unlock Evil and Succubus Endings, access the Cathedral basement, and collect Garments of Adam.

To unlock the Nimrod Ending, the final ending in Agony, you will need to complete several requirements. First, you must complete the game and get the Evil Ending above. Then, you must play through again and finish with the Succubus Ending. You must then access the basement in the Cathedral by finding all the parts of the golden statue. You will also need to collect Garments of Adam, which are found attached to certain martyrs in the game. To get the Garments of Adam, you must kill or possess the martyr that wears it.

Complete all these requirements to unlock the Nimrod Ending in Agony. Doing so will also unlock the I Was Born to Rule! achievement/trophy. This final ending is designed for players who are comfortable with the game and have played through multiple times. This may take a while, but it will be worth it to those who wish to unlock all seven endings in Agony.