Agony, the grotesque survival horror game set in a hellish underworld, is chock full of disturbing imagery and gore throughout. From nude succubi to genitalia-headed demons, there’s plenty of NSFW content in the game to satisfy most fans of the genre. It turns out that Agony was supposed to have even more graphic scenes, but due to various legal issues, developer Madmind Studio had to censor many of the game’s most disturbing moments.

Prior to the game’s launch, Madmind had promised to release a patch that would remove the censorship on PC.  However, due to the aforementioned legal issues, Madmind can no longer release the patch.

Instead, the developers have released video showing the full NSFW versions of the censored game scenes for those who wished to see what was cut. The video shows scenes with simulated butt physics, infant murder, and even a rape scene done in first-person. Needless to say, it’s understandable why the developers would have had to censor a few of these scenes.

Agony uncensored scenes

If you are curious and have a strong stomach for disturbing visuals, then you can watch the uncensored Agony scenes in the Dropbox link on Madmind’s news post on Steam. Be advised that these uncensored scenes in Agony are NSFW and contain very graphic material. Some people have attempted to upload the video footage to YouTube, but most of those videos have since been removed for violating the site's terms of service.

According to the Agony Kickstarter page, Madmind “had to make some compromises” in order to be able to publish the game. Some of the scenes are still in the game itself, but are blurred out to obscure their graphic nature.

Longtime backers of the project aren’t too happy about the fact that there will no longer be a patch to remove censorship. However, Agony still contains plenty of disfigured bodies, lewd scenes, ritual sacrifices, and gory violence for those looking for a visceral horror game experience.

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