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Agents of Mayhem – How to Get New Vehicles

by Josh Hawkins

Agents of Mayhem takes all the fun of the Saints Row series and transfers it to a new setting and time. Unlike the previous couple of games, Agents of Mayhem returns to the age old tradition of requiring vehicle to get around the world. While you can steal vehicles from civilians, the best cars will be available within the Vehicle Bay of the Mayhem Ark. In this article we’ll tell you how to get more vehicles in Agents of Mayhem, as well as how you can customize them with different skins.

How to Get Vehicles

Unlike many games like it, Agents of Mayhem doesn’t force players to purchase vehicles from NPC garages. Instead, players can actually find the blueprints and components for vehicles hidden throughout the world. Unfortunately, there’s no set way to find the blueprints, as they are randomly sorted and placed in loot chests that can randomly be found throughout the city of Seoul.

However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of finding those blueprints. First, make your way over to Requisitions in the Ark, there you can find an assortment of upgrades that you can purchase using cash. Some of these upgrades will reward you with more hourly cash bonuses, while others will make it easier for you to scan larger areas of the city at a time. The two upgrades you’ll want to grab are the one that allows you to scan a larger area, and then you’ll also want to grab the one that lets you see loot chests in the scan area.

Now that you have those upgrades, make your way back down to the city and start running around. Use your scan option often to find goodies like loot chests, interactions, and even missions that you may want to complete.

Once you have all of the blueprints that you need for a vehicle (you can check them anytime in the inventory) then head back up to the Ark and make your way to the Vehicle Bay. You’ll have to beat the first Hammersmith boss fight to unlock this area, but once it is unlocked you can return here at any time to change your active vehicle and even change the skin.

Choose the vehicle that you want to unlock or change the skin of, and then you can set it as your active vehicle. Now whenever you’re down in the city, simply press the X button on your keyboard to call your vehicle, and it will drive up and you’ll hop in if you’re within a certain distance of its location.

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