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Agents of Mayhem – How to Defeat Hammersmith

by Josh Hawkins

As you progress through Agents of Mayhem, you’ll soon find yourself tasked with taking out Hammersmith, a highly talented weaponsmith that works for the Ministry of Pride and Doctor Babylon. He’s no easy foe to take down—especially on higher difficulties—so you’ll need all the help you can get if you want to take him down. In this article we’ll offer some helpful strategies that should help you lower his shield, and beat Hammersmith in Agents of Mayhem at the end of the mission All You Can Eat.

How to Defeat Hammersmith – Phase 1

The first phase of the battle is actually fairly simple, as you’ll need to take out a Pride Arc Turret in the middle of the boss fight area. The best character to fight these turrets off with is Hardtack, as his shotgun usually makes quick work of them. The only downside here, though, is that it takes a bit for him to reload, so be sure to dash out of the turret’s line of fire and hide behind an obstacle to keep Hammersmith from hitting you as well.

Once the first turret is down, Hammersmith will make a few more remarks, and then two new turrets will rise out of the ground. One will be shielded, however, so you’ll want to make your way around the arena to the turret that isn’t currently shielded and take it out. Once the first turret is down, head back to the other side and take out the other turret.

How to Defeat Hammersmith – Phase 2

Now it’s time to move on to Phase 2. After a brief cutscene, Hammersmith will congratulate you on your success, and then bring out the big guns. At this point, he begins to shoot Dark Matter Energy Balls at you. The trick here is to wait for him to shoot off a large ball that tracks you. When this happens, shoot the ball back at Hammersmith and then run and jump onto his platform and blast him with your gun. Since he’s armored, Hardtack’s shotgun works well here as well.

Continue dodging and knocking the Dark Matter Energy Balls back at Hammersmith until you have hit him enough to knock his armor completely off. At this point another cutscene plays and the fight moves on to Phase 3.

How to Defeat Hammersmith – Phase 3

This is it, the final phase of the fight. After Hammersmith connects his platform to the wall, he’ll break out his space laser once more. At this point, take note of several marked shield generators around the arena. If you try to shoot them nothing happens, however, the trick to get them destroyed is to let Hammersmith do it for you.

Make your way behind one of the generators and wait for it to be destroyed. When this happens, the core of the machine will be unprotected, and you’ll be able to run up and attack it with your weapons. Continue this process until you destroy the core and another cutscene plays. We do suggest being careful here, though, as Hammersmith will call in some reinforcements, which could be devastating to the player on higher difficulties.

You should now know everything that you need to know to defeat Hammersmith and complete the mission All You Can Eat. Completing this mission will reward you quite handsomely, and you’ll even unlock a few additional Agent Unlock Missions, which you can view by visiting the missions menu on the Ark or when not in a story mission.

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