A Complete Guide on the Crystalarium in Stardew Valley

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Crystalarium Farm in Stardew Valley
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The Crystalarium is quite valuable in Stardew Valley, and while they may be hard to come by until later in the Year, for even the most veteran of players, they are certainly always worth the trouble. Here’s how to get them, what they do, and what best types of Gems you should be putting inside these wonderous machines.

What is the Crystalarium and Where Do You Get Them in Stardew Valley?

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The Crystalarium is a peculiar device that you get in Stardew Valley either from achieving certain missions for villagers or something you can craft once you have a high enough level in Mining. This high-tech machine in all its glory will duplicate gemstones for you, from all the different variants you can find in the mines like Ruby, Aquamarine, and even Diamonds. Not to mention the gems you find when breaking Geodes. Now, depending on what gem you place into the Crystalarium will determine how long it takes for a duplicate to be created. For example, a Quartz will only take seven hours within the game, whilst a Diamond will take up to five days in order to produce a duplicate Diamond. 

There are a couple of different avenues in which you can get a Crystalarium for free, which players should take advantafe of as because making a shed full of them will cost you a pretty penny in resources. So, until then, here are some ways where you can obtain one for free. One way to get a Crystalarium is by donating 25,000 Gold to the Bank or Funding Section of the Community Center. I honestly like to donate to the higher one first by saving and selling lots of vegetables and fish. You’d be surprised by how easy the rest of the donations go whenever you get the largest one out of the way. Especially if you are rewarded with a Crystalarium at the end of it.

The other way to get a Crystalarium is by donating around 50 Minerals to the Museum. This one is a bit tricky because it isn’t just items that you’ve donated but minerals specifically, so many things that can be found in the caves. If it’s something you mined from the Caves then it’s likely a Mineral, be sure to also take advantage of all of the geodes that you get as well. Depending on whether you have the Frozen Geode, the Magma Geode, or even an Omni Geode, you will get different types of items when you break them down. So, if you’re looking for particular Minerals to fill out the rest of your museum, then you may need to limit which Geodes you go hunting for the most. Once you reach 50 Minerals, Gunther will then offer the Crystalarium in the Collect Rewards Options of his dialogue. 

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What are the Best Gems to Put in the Crystalarium in Stardew Valley?

So, what do you put in your Crystalarium? The easy answer is the rarest of the gemstones you come across, although Prismatic Shards are not allowed to go into the Crystalarium (unless you mod your game.) The next best answer would be Diamonds, not only can these make for great gifts for those who adore them, but who is going to turn away a Diamond? But they can also be sold in case you find yourself overstocked. The Diamond is the most expensive Gem in the game and thus can give you a hefty fee if you decide to place it in the Shipping Bin. 

Another great gem to place into the Crystalarium is Star Shards, the most expensive of the gems that you can come across as you sort throug Geodes. However, even though it is sold at 500 Gold, it still lasts the same amount of time it takes for the other gems at three days and eleven hours. So, despite it taking the same amount of time as a Gem that sells for 100 Gold, you can put in Star Shards and get even more money for selling them. 

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The next best item to place inside the Crystalarium is Jade. This little trick will help you in the long run when it comes to getting through Skull Cavern quickly and efficiently, where the lower levels will get you the most rewards. Once you’ve collected a nice sum of Jade, you’ll take them to the Desert Trader on Sundays where he’ll sell Staircases. With a combination of Bombs, Staircases, and advanced Tools, you’ll be able to make your way through the floors. With luck on your side, you will be able to grind for a variety of resources, ores, and Prismatic Shards a lot easier than if you had to pick your way through each rock.

If you’ve completed a few years on Stardew Valley, then you’re sure to find yourself a new challenge when it comes to Sun Haven. Be sure to check our guides on this game so you can go in knowing the best information out there to start your journey!

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