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5 Letter Words Starting With TR

Help for today's word - August 20 Wordle, Puzzle #427

by Nikola L

Hello there! We wish you a warm welcome to our daily Prima Games assistance article for Wordle. Today, we will help you by putting together a list of five-letter words that start With TR, one of them of course being the solution for today’s Wordle #427 (August 20, 2022). There are many five-letter words that start with TR- and you might be shocked at the amount of them in the next paragraph. Do not worry, however. We will sort them alphabetically so you might have an easier job of figuring out today’s Wordle solution.

Five Letter Words Beginning With TR

There are 36 words that begin with TR that have exactly five letters and are therefore eligible for Wordle:

  • trace
  • track
  • tract
  • trade
  • trail
  • train
  • trait
  • tramp
  • trash
  • trawl
  • tread
  • treat
  • trend
  • triad
  • trial
  • tribe
  • trice
  • trick
  • tried
  • tripe
  • trite
  • troll
  • troop
  • trope
  • trout
  • trove
  • truce
  • truck
  • truer
  • truly
  • trump
  • trunk
  • truss
  • trust
  • truth
  • tryst

This concludes our collection of words that start with TR. We wish you good luck in your attempts to maintain your winning streak, given that there are just six attempts to solve each Wordle.

What is Wordle and Who Made it?

The New York Times hosts Wordle, but it was made by Josh Wardle (oh, would you look at that wordplay). He is responsible for one more viral online game: Reddit’s /r/place. You know, the online canvas thingy where people can collectively draw art, one pixel at a time?

Bookmark our Wordle Game Tag if you need any hints in the future because we are trying our best to cover Wordle on a daily basis for all fans of this crazy puzzle. Here’s what we recommend reading next:

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