18 Awesome Things to do After Beating Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Mega Stones, the final O-Power and more!

After beating Pokemon X or Pokemon Y, your first thought may involve selling the game for store credit or tossing it into a drawer.  In the words of Capcom lawyer Phoenix Wright, “Hold it!” There’s still plenty to do in Nintendo’s epic 3DS adventure, so don’t let it collect dust without completing these 18 bonus objectives. 

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18 Awesome Things to do After Beating Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Trade Pokemon with your friend Shauna

She’s waiting for you outside your home in Vaniville Town. In fact, she’ll accept whatever Pokemon you wish to trade, in exchange for her Chespin if you chose Fennekin at the start of the game, Fennekin if you chose Froakie or Froakie if you selected Chespin.

Visit the Sycamore Pokemon Lab to Pick Up the Poke Radar 

While in Lumiose City, stop by the Sycamore Lab on South Boulevard and talk to a lab assistant on the second floor to get the Poke Radar. This handy device lets you search tall grass for wild battle monsters of the same species. Pretty cool. 

Trade Pokemon with Diantha

The former Kalos region champ is willing to trade her Ralts for any type of Pokemon. Even better, this Ralts has a Gardevoirite. To meet her, visit Café Soleil on South Boulevard. 

Get the last O-Power 

Providing you learned the available O-Powers from Mr. Bonding, visit Café Introversion and obtain the Hatching Power. 

Enter Sushi High Roller 

The champ is here! The champ is here! The staff will finally let you step inside this swanky restaurant, located north of Rouge Plaza. 

Partake in a Battle Test 

All of the Battle Tests are readily available at the Battle Institute located on North Boulevard. This is more than simple training. You’ll earn prizes and BP.

Snag the National Pokedex

Go to Lumiose Station and speak with Sina and Dexio. They’ll update your Pokedex, transforming it into the National Pokedex. Now you can register even more Pokemon! 

Tip: While inside Lumiose Station, track down Professor Sycamore. He’ll give you a TMV pass to Kiloude City. Hop aboard a train and check out this area. 

Get a Max Revive inside Kiloude Station 

A youngster will quiz you on Pokemon.  Select the correct answer to score a Max Revive. No pressure. You can guess as many times as you’d like. 

Tip: Headed to the Pokemon Center in Kiloude City? If so, stop by the house on the way and show the woman a Pokemon that knows the Petal Blizzard move to get another Max Revive. 

Get the Vs. Recorder 

Once you exit Kiloude Station, a man will present you with the Vs. Recorder. This helpful device lets you record Battle Videos against players and make them public online for other gamers to watch. You can even retry battles you recorded! 

Talk to the Judge at the Pokemon Center in Kiloude City 

The honorable one will size up any of your Pokemon and tell you which stats are powerful or weak. Do you have several Pokemon of the same species? He’ll let you know which one has the best potential. 

Grab the TM91 Flash Cannon 

Don’t leave Kiloude City yet. Visit the southeast house and talk to the kid upstairs to get this special device. Now you can teach a Pokemon a Steel-type special move. 

Now you’re ready to get the TM58 Sky Drop 

Check out one of the northwest homes in Kiloude City. The girl who lives there will hook you up with the TM58. This two-stage maneuver lifts an opponent into the air, where it can’t take action until it falls to the ground the following turn. 

Visit the Battle Maison

Located in the center of Kiloude City, the Battle Maison lets you partake in single, double, triple and rotation battles. You can also team up with friends for multi battles. Reach win-streak milestones for special prizes. 

Go on a Friend Safari in Kiloude City 

Register friends to go on special Friend Safaris, where you have a chance to capture Pokemon from previous games. This frees you up from the hassle of transferring and trading. 

Visit Anistar City for a Mega Stone surprise 

Complete one battle in the Battle Maison, and you’ll run into Serena or Calem near the north pond in Kiloude City. Defeat him or her and you’ll receive a message from Professor Sycamore asking you to visit Anistar City near a sundial. Doing this reveals some interesting information about Mega Stones. Even better, you can now use your Mega Ring to track down Mega Stones between 8:00PM and 9:00PM every day. 

Visit the Lonely Old Man in Anistar City 

There’s a good chance you lent an old man a Pokemon long ago. While in Anistar City, visit his home. He’s gone, but you can reclaim that Pokemon, read a thank you letter and obtain a Comet Shard. Nice guy, right?

Capture Zygarde in Terminus Cave

This elusive Pokemon is ready to fight! Look for it while heading to the last floor of Terminus Cave, and prepare for one of the toughest battles yet, thanks to its Earthquake and Dragon Pulse moves. Weaken the critter just enough, and you might capture it. 

Catch Legendary Pokemon in Azure Bay 

By all means, soak up some sun while visiting this popular vacation spot. When you’re ready for business, check out the Sea Spirit’s Den at the north end of Azure Bay. There, you’ll have a unique opportunity to catch Legendary Pokemon Articuno, Zapdos or Moltres.

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