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Top 10 Disney Infinity Characters Your Kids will Love

by Prima Games Staff

Disney Infinity draws from a wide variety of worlds based on Disney’s rich and creative history. Each of these realms is home to unique characters that create fantastic and inspire kids’ imaginations. It can be daunting to decide which characters to choose for your child, but all of them will be available for use in the Toy Box. To make the decision process painless, simply chose the toys they gravitate toward based on the favorite genre, style, and personality. With such a diverse group of characters there is bound to be several family favorites for kids of all ages.

1. Be a Super Hero


Any child that likes to watch or play with super heroes will thoroughly enjoy the cast of The Incredibles. Best of all, each of these heroes have special abilities that make them unique to play with.  Mr. Incredible has a Super Ground Pound attack that damages all enemies in his path.  His wife, Elastigirl, has the ability to stretch her body to climb faster and even slingshot herself at enemies to break their defenses. Their daughter, Violet, has an ability that matches her somewhat meek nature. Violet can turn invisible to avoid detection or launch a surprise attack.  Dash, their hyperactive son, is always eager to go thanks to his super speed. He might be the smallest in the family but he can attack very quickly and keep up with any vehicle while on foot.

2. Have a Good Fright


When it comes to surprises in the moonlit night nobody can top the leader of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington. The Pumpkin King may seem spooky, but his childlike curiosity and passion for anything new makes him a blast to play. He is literally a blast to play with because he is armed with explosive pumpkin bombs.

3. Two Strong Sisters


The two sisters from Frozen are great examples of strong and resourceful young women. Elsa is a very powerful character and her master of cold allows her to throw a Freeze Ball that stop foes in their tracks. Her courageous sister, Anna, will melt your heart and she is always ready for an adventure. Anna doesn’t have magical powers like her sister; she utilizes on her trusty shovel as a weapon and uses a climbing hook to scale any tough terrain.

4. Pick Your Racer


The cast of Cars is an excellent choice for racing fans. Each one, from the lovable and loyal Mater to the ego-fueled racecar Francesco, has a very distinct personality. All of the vehicles are equally capable on the road, and all of them can use turbo boost to get extra speed or perform incredible stunts. The best thing about the Cars characters is that they can all use special weapons such as machine guns, missiles, and mines. In addition, these custom cars can even switch out their tires for monster truck tires to give them an aggressive style, especially when going off-roading.

5. Friendly Monsters


Mike Wazowski, the pint-sized green monster from Monsters University, is small in stature but has a huge personality. The little green guy’s round shape is incredibly cute when riding a big bicycle or operating a large vehicle. However, don’t underestimate him because of his size, he has a quick mind that yields incredible scares and stealth tactics which make him a scream to play.

6. Sail the Seas


Pirates are always popular amongst kids. After all, they have salty adventures, swashbuckling sword fights, and speak their own language. All of the characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set are exciting to play, as they can use swords, pistols, and even explosives. One of the best ways to sail the seven seas is with a character of myth and legend, Davy Jones. As the captain of the ghost ship the Flying Dutchman, he became fierce and cruel eventually becoming a monstrous amalgamation of sea creatures. This strange and unusual looking character is the master of the Kraken sea monster and is sure to intimidate all who oppose him.

7. Disney’s Iconic Mouse


Kids of all ages will instantly recognize the iconic Disney legend, Mickey Mouse. Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey is a great tribute to the nostalgic mouse for older kids (adults) and a treat for anyone familiar with his numerous appearances in TV, film, games, and at the Disney parks. This version of Mickey, from the movie Fantasia, has a magical projectile attack as well a special ground pound move that summons brooms with buckets of water.

8. To Infinity and Beyond


Toy Story’s is a perfect fit for Disney Infinity and kids will love playing with these characters. Buzz Lightyear comes to life as you use his jetpack and booster rocket to travel just about anywhere in a level. Also, available in the Play Set are two unique Goo Guns that can shrink or enlarge characters, toys and other items. Use these guns with Buzz or his cowboy and cowgirl companions to achieve some hilarious effects like tiny Woody riding on an oversized Bullseye.

9. Bad is Good


Each of Disney’s unique worlds has its share of heroes but the villains can be just as fun to play with. It was best said in Wreck-It Ralph – just because you are a bad guy doesn’t mean you are a “bad” guy. In fact, Ralph’s larger than life persona is great for building in the Toy Box, not just wrecking things. Of course, kids will love to toss cherry bombs and put those oversized hands to work for some good old wrecking fun.

10. Crystal Figures


If you’re looking for a character that is really unique and are sure to impress, check out the special figures know as the Infinite Crystal Series. These are sold exclusively through specific retailers and are pretty rare. Besides their obvious crystal appearance these figures can have heightened abilities and even level up faster.

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