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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Advanced Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition finally arrived for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and Lara’s memorable adventure features enhanced graphics and gameplay. It’s definitely worth checking out, even if you beat the game last year.

We provided beginner’s tips earlier this week. Now we’re back with advanced tips to help you get through some of Lara’s tighter situations.

Close Calls

There are some dire moments in Tomb Raider where you’ll have to act quickly or suffer a brutal death – whether it’s at the hands of a mercenary or running into an obstacle in the environment.

When it comes to quick-time events, you’ll need to act rapidly to avoid succumbing. When you’re trying to overcome an enemy like a bad guy or wolf, shake the left analog stick like crazy. There’s really no technique to this, just waggle it back and forth until the button prompt begins to appear. On occasion, you’ll also be asked to tap the X or square button – depending on the version.

With the button prompts, a large circle will begin closing in on a smaller one. Don’t hit any buttons until you see the icon appear! Usually, these functions are saved for the Y or triangle button. Don’t hit it too early, though, or Lara’s done for. Wait for the circles to get closer together, then hit the button. Do it at the right time, and Lara will escape unharmed. This may take a couple of tries, but don’t get frustrated – you’ve got enough lives.

In addition, there are action sequences where you’ll slide out of control down a hill or riverbed. If you don’t react quickly enough, you’ll run right into some obstacles, like a spiked wall. Try to look ahead and see where these walls are, and move out of the way as quickly as you can.

On top of that, you may be required to grab a ledge after sliding off it. Make sure you keep a finger handy on the X or square button to avoid falling to your death. You can thank us later. 

Survivor Skills to Pay the Bills

Over the course of Lara’s adventure, you’ll be able to level up certain skill sets. Some will open automatically, even on the Rookie setting, while others eventually become available as you proceed and become more Hardened and experienced.

When it comes to Survivor skills, work on filling up the Animal Instincts and Survivalist techniques. With Animal Instincts, you’ll be able to spot enemies easier, such as wolves. In addition, you can also find edible plants to give you a small health boost.

As for Survivalist, this provides additional experience points when it comes to skinning animals for food. Leveling this up gives Lara quicker capability at opening up additional skill sets, so make sure you perk this up as soon as you can.

Other skill sets worth mastering include Arrow Retrieval, which provides you more ammunition for your bow; Climber’s Agility, which makes it easier to work your way up surfaces; and Cartography, which opens up tomb entrances and locations to explore, in case you’re a completionist. Note: you’ll need to master Orienteering on Hardened difficulty – increasing your keen perception – before you can get to Cartography. It’s worth it.

Hunting and Brawling

Making Lara a more powerful warrior is vital, so try and power up the Steady Shot and Bow Expert skills first. Steady Shot makes it easier to line up an enemy with your weapons, while Bow Expert allows you to stab opponents with arrows, instead of just relying on a choke-out with your bow.

If you’re looking for an XP increase, you can also master the Accomplished Killer skill, which gives you additional points for killing enemies in a faster amount of time. Being a pro with the game’s combat system goes a long way.

When it comes to Brawler Skills, Pain Tolerance is a must. This allows you to survive strikes much more easily than you would on your own, but it doesn’t hurt to also level up Dirty Tricks. Doing so allows you to increase the use of dirt and rocks to distract enemies so you can take them out with a weapon.

Once you master using the Axe, make sure you increase Axe Strikes and Axe Expert as well. Strikes let you use your climbing axe to stun an enemy to finish them off, and the Expert – which unlocks after mastering Strikes – lets you use it for a fatal blow.

Weapons of Choice

Finally, powering up your gear is helpful when facing enemies later on in the game. You’ll start with the Makeshift Bow, and by finding parts in certain stages, such as the Mountain Village, the Chasm Monastery and Shipwreck Beach, you can level up all the way to the Competition Bow – the strongest of the bunch. Along the way, be sure to check out the Recurve and Compound bow as well.

Various arrows unlock as well. The Rope Arrow is useful for bringing down structures and setting up climbing and sliding lines; the Explosive Arrows are great for setting off a charge to destroy enemies; and other small tools, like the Wrapped String, help improve overall performance. Just keep in mind you’ll need to level up your bow before you can use certain arrows, like the Compound Bow for the Napalm Arrows and the Completion Bow for the Explosive ones.

Finally, when it comes to guns, it pays to improve the smaller things on each weapon. It depends what you want – higher capacity for ammunition, faster performance or stronger damage. Your best bet is to shop around at the upgrades available for each weapon – including the pistol, shotgun and rifles – and decide what you want to improve for each one. Personally, we think that damage is the best bet, especially going up against stronger, shielded enemies. However, for some, it may be about quantity instead of quality. It just depends on your style of play.

Good luck, and keep Lara alive! She has a legacy to live up to.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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