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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction Plot Summary

by Prima Games Staff


Samuel Fisher, aka “Sam”


Sam is veteran Black Ops & Cover Ops, ex Navy Seal who is an expert in urban warfare, espionage, infiltration, weaponry, and master in stealth tactics. Because of his skill set and was the first Recruit for NSA, Third Echelon, AKA: “Splinter Cell”.

Victor Coste, aka “Vic”


He is one of Fisher’s oldest friends from when they are in the SEAL’s together. After the Navy Vic became a private security consultant. He plays a vital role in reuniting Sarah Fisher with her father.

Colonel Thomas Jeffrey Reed


He became the new head director of Third Echelon after Lambert’s death and replaced everyone with his own loyal men. He attempted to assassinate the president of America after hearing that they planned on shutting down Third Echelon. Killed by Fisher.

Anna Grímsdóttir, aka “Grim”


She is the technical operations manager and provides Fisher with crucial information. She was instrumental in helping Fisher save the president.


Sam has to travel all across the Malta, Virginia, and Washington DC New in order to complete his mission.


After Sam hears rumors that his daughter’s death wasn’t an accident he goes to Malta to investigate. While in Malta Grim contacts him telling him that there is a group of hit men following him, Sam eliminates them and then goes after their boss. After infiltrating the boss’s mansion and killing his guards he begins to interrogate him but is then captured and drugged by a Third Echelon strike team. When Fisher awakes he find himself tied up and about to be interrogated by Grim and Black Arrow, a private military company, but Grim kills the body guards and reveals that she is now working directly for the president due to a mole in Third Echelon. As they escape Grim tells Fisher that his daughter Sarah is alive and safe. Needing more information and equipment Fisher meets Vic who tells him that Black Arrow is currently protecting a R&D company that specializes in EMP technology. Fisher then infiltrates and steals information that details an operation for an EMP attack. The president then tells Fisher to eavesdrop on a conversation between Reed and the leader of Black Arrow. After listening to their conversation Fisher interrogates the leader of Black Arrow and is only able to learn that their operation will begin in 24 hours and that a group called Megiddo is funding. Fisher then breaks into Reed’s office at Third Echelon and learns that Megiddo plans to detonate three EMP’s and assassinate the president during the chaos the follows. Fisher also learns that Sarah’s death was staged by Lambert and Grim in order to protect Sarah from being used against him. With Vic’s help Fisher extracts Sarah and then blows up the EMP generators. Vic takes Sarah to safety while Fisher meets Grim at the White House where Black Arrow has taken over and Reed has the president hostage. Grim pretends to have Fisher detained in order the enter the Oval Office with out jeopardizing the presidents life. As Reed is distracted Fisher moves quickly and detains Reed allowing the president to move to safety; after learning that Reed was the mole in Third Echelon, Fisher executes him.

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