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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Plot Summary

by Prima Games Staff


Samuel Fisher, aka “Sam”


Sam is veteran Black Ops & Cover Ops, ex Navy Seal who is an expert in urban warfare, espionage, infiltration, weaponry, and master in stealth tactics. Because of his skill set and was the first Recruit for NSA, Third Echelon, AKA: “Splinter Cell”.

Douglas Shetland


He is an old friend of Sam’s, he was the commanding office of Sam’s SEAL team, and now the CEO of a private military company called Displace International. Ultimately killed by Fisher.

Admiral Toshiro Otomo

He was the head of Japan’s Information Self Defense Force, I-SDF and tried to force Japan back to an Empirical Ruling but failed. He was ultimately captured by Fisher.


Sam has to travel all across Japan, Peru, North & South Korea, and New York in order to complete his mission.


Sam is sent to Peru to rescue an American computer programmer who has been kidnapped due to his knowledge on weaponized algorithms that are the super weapon of the 21st century. Fisher arrives too late to stop the death of the the programmer and the release of the algorithms. Fisher then goes to New York to speak with Zherkhezi, the computer programmer’s co-worker, whom also was working on the weaponized algorithm project but learns that Shetland’s company, Displace International, is projecting him. Fisher breaks into Displace Interantional’s office and learns that they are working with an arms dealer and relocated Zherkhezi to a city in Japan. After traveling to Japan and infiltrating the hideout Fisher witnesses Shetland murder Zherkhezi but is unable to apprehend him before he escapes and goes underground. After an American ship is sunk by a North Korean missile, Fisher is sent in to verify if the missile launch was unintentional. Fisher learns that the launch was unintentional but that Displace international was behind the attack provoking World War III. Fisher spies on Shetland and the I-SDF, who have been helping Displace International all along, during a meeting they have in South Korea. Fisher then confronts his once old friend Shetland and kills him. Admeral Otomo, still bent on bringing back Empirical Ruling, threatens to use the algorithms to attack Japan but Fisher infiltrates I-SDF headquarters and ruins Otoma’s plans then stops him before he can commit seppuku so he lives knowing he failed.

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