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Spoiler Alert: Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

by Prima Games Staff

The Army of Two games have always been pretty good at putting players into a teamwork scenario with run-and-gun situations that require you to be on the same page as your partner in order to survive.  The original game, along with The 40th Day, set up these strategies well with long-time characters Salem and Rios.  The latest game in the series The Devil’s Cartel introduces Alpha and Bravo, the two newest operatives in the T.W.O. program, as well as a new location inside of Mexico where a drug cartel is thriving with power.  But the rest of the game consists of the same great level of partnered action that we’ve come to expect.

With that, we’ve chosen Devil’s Cartel as our latest subject of Spoiler Alert, to give you a better idea of the story and who’s behind the operations of La Guadana (“The Scythe”), the group that’s causing such chaos within the Mexican borders.  It’s not who you expect, so get ready for a surprise or two.

Without further ado, here’s how it goes down…

Alpha and Bravo are called upon to watch over Cordova, a politician who’s fighting to bring Mexico back to prosperity while opposing the actions of La Guadana along the way.  They’re working their way through a patrol with other agents when it comes under attack by La Guadana agents.  The operatives are able to survive, but Cordova gets lost in the crossfire.

The game then shifts events to a previous time, when Alpha and Bravo are taking on their first mission.  They receive their masks and are introduced to their partners Salem and Rios as they infiltrate a Mexican compound.  They get there too late, with many of the hostages killed, but manage to mow down most of the enemy adversaries with ease.  They do find one hostage alive – a frightened young woman by the name of Fiona.  Salem isn’t too happy with the team rescuing her, believing that she will weigh them down and he’ll be killed.  He leaves as a result, with Rios, Alpha and Bravo stuck with the task of getting her out of there safely.  They manage to escape, but find no sign of Salem afterward, assuming he’s killed.

From there, we return to the ambush where Alpha and Bravo attempt to fight their way to the city hall in order to be extracted.  La Guadana’s forces aren’t making it easy, but a man named Mason arrives to help them out of the city before he’s killed by the cartel.

Before his demise, Alpha and Bravo learn that he was going to meet with a contact in regards to getting information on La Guadana.  After fighting enemy forces, they find that the contact is Fiona, who’s been working anti-terrorist operations.  She is planning a meet-up with a pair of Cordova’s bodyguards from the T.W.O. agency, Castle and Pike, and divulges that she has found Cordova in a Cartel compound at a nearby church.

When they get there, they find El Diablo (the top lieutenant for La Guadana) raising havoc, having already killed Castle and Pike and taken Cordova.  They follow in hot pursuit, but he manages to escape with Cordova, blowing up the resort that he has taken over in the process.  Alpha, Bravo and Fiona are able to survive by diving into a nearby swimming pool.  They manage to catch up with Cordova’s captors, as well as El Diablo, only to find more heavily armed forces waiting for them.  The enemies then flee in a truck, with the trio in hot pursuit in another truck.  They manage to destroy the cartels by leaving their truck to be run over by a train.  (Ouch.)

An agent named Bradley then manages to save Cordova, only to be run down by El Diablo.  The team is overrun and captured by the El Guadana forces, and is tortured in the process.  It’s here that the real twist is revealed, as El Diablo reveals himself to be…Salem.  He’s betrayed them from a long time ago.  He manages to kill Cordova and leave, giving Alpha and Bravo the opportunity to escape.  They then radio the T.W.O. headquarters and explain Salem’s rogue turn, and call for extraction.

Salem orders his bodyguard to take down the duo, but they mange to kill the bodyguard first.  The T.W.O. team radios back, informing that Rios is coming to meet up with Alpha and Bravo and wants Salem captured alive – a notion they aren’t too thrilled with.

With the help of Rios, Fiona and Mexican police forces, Alpha and Bravo invade a hacienda where Salem is hiding out.  They fight several enemy forces and mow down another loyal Salem guard, Bautista, then meet up with Rios in a helicopter.  Fiona is separated from them and put into peril by Salem.  They nearly save her before getting attacked by RPG’s.  Alpha and Bravo escape, while Rios brings the helicopter down.

Fiona manages to overcome Bautista and shoot him, but Salem gets the upper hand and grabs her as Alpha and Bravo catch up.  He explains why he betrayed T.W.O. (the loss of Alice from The 40th Day) and kills her in cold blood.  Rios then attacks Salem, only to be shot in the abdomen and thrown to the ground below.

The final battle then takes place around an armored vehicle, with Salem attempting to run down the duo.  Alpha and Bravo get the upper hand and leave him vulnerable for a kill, and Bravo is given the choice to either shoot or capture him.  Eventually, he takes the capture option, telling him he’ll be locked away for a long time.

Rios, Alpha and Bravo are airlifted home and say that Fiona will be given a proper funeral, and they’ll have some time off to recover.  It concludes with a closing cinematic, with Salem sitting in his prison cell, writing the word “Alice” on the wall and swearing revenge on those who wronged him…leaving the door open for a sequel.


Army of Two: The 40th Day is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.