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Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel – Overkill: Totally Justifiable Expenditure of Ammunition

by Prima Games Staff

The Devil’s Cartel provides a special tool to assist your forcible dismantling of said drug cartel, and that is Overkill. Fill the Overkill meter with Co-Op actions such as Tag Team kills or being the bait in a flanking maneuver. With a full meter and one press of a button later, every weapon, even that small machine pistol you’ve picked as your sidearm, becomes ridiculously powerful, able to shred any destructible object or surface with far greater speed than normal. Single burst of gunfire from even the weakest guns can turn a hardened thug into a quadriplegic in the blink of an eye.

I mean it when I say EVERY gun can do this, and if you’re already wielding something powerful, like the AMR-50 sniper rifle, modified to carry explosive rounds…yeah. Overkill grants you unlimited ammo for your guns for as long as the ability is active, which is about as amazing as it sounds, and you’re also entirely invincible. You ever watch an old 80’s action film where the muscle bound hero with an accent just marches forward and shoots endlessly at an incoming army of bad dudes, reloading only when drama demands it? This is what Overkill is. You are that guy.

It’s not just guns that benefit from this. Your thrown grenades gain extra power, damage, and their blast radius appears to be enhanced. Any environmental explosives also gain additional ferocity. Your knife melee attacks LITERALLY CAUSE HEADS TO EXPLODE. Yeah.

The really crazy part about all of this is that you get all of these benefits with a single Overkill. However, both of the mercenaries you play through the game as have their own separate Overkill meters. If Alpha and Bravo activate Overkill simultaneously, a bullet-time effect comes into play, slowly the action down and allowing you to easily line up kill shots on the enemy, while also lasting longer than a single Overkill. It is not uncommon by the end of a Double Overkill to have destroyed nearly every destructible object that once stood between you and the enemy.

If you can’t tell by now, I had a lot of fun working on the guide to The Devil’s Cartel. I think it definitely reminds people that just about any game is improved when you’re able to work alongside of a buddy to achieve the objectives set before you. Give it a shot with a friend along for the ride, and maybe you too can enjoy reciting all of your favorite action film quotes while marching through hailstorms of bullets.

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