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South Park: How to Play the Fighter Class

by Prima Games Staff

Pro-tip: It helps to read this aloud in a self-help seminar voice.

So, you chose to be a badass and picked the Fighter class. Well, before you bro-up, here’s a few tips to maximize your potential.


As a Fighter, you’re always sure to be prepared for throwing down with ample armor plus the ability to penetrate shields. Through most of your adventure, the Fighter’s default costume will offer you the best amount of armor protection without having to drop funds on new equipment. Seeing that you’ll be well-protected, use some of your disposable income on weapons that have useful bonuses like the Kris Dagger that penetrates up to 5 armor and compliments the shield reduction of the Fighter’s Gauntlets of Defense.


In addition to being an ass kicker with your fists, you’ve also got an assortment of abilities that make sure your enemies invest in some expensive reconstructive surgery. Crowd control is the name of the game as a Fighter. From the beginning, you’ll have access to both Assault and Battery and Roshambo. The former can neutralize a row of enemies when executed perfectly, while the latter will only stun a single foe until you upgrade to level 3, which inflicts Defense Down on all enemies. Upgrading Roshambo to level 4 inflicts Gross Out on one enemy, but remember that the same can be accomplished through the use of Shit Nuggets in battle… a sustainable resource.


Eventually, you’ll unlock Bull Rush, Horn of Irritation, and Ground Stomp. Of the three, Bull Rush gives you the most bang for your buck, attacking your enemy, while tearing down their armor and shields with Defense Down as a bonus. Once you upgrade Bull Rush, you’ll also inflict bleeding. So, let’s recap on that… you will halve your enemy’s armor, strip their shields, cause Defense Down AND leave them as a profusely bleeding mess? Where do I sign?

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