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Sims 3 University Life – Top 10 Tips for Improving Your Science Skill

by Prima Games Staff

You can improve your Science Skill with these great tips from Sims 3 University Life official eGuide author, Rebecca De Winter.

1.    Learn this new skill by taking a Science Class or enrolling in a Medicine or Science major at Sims University.

2.    Increase your Science skill by reading Science books. There are three levels of books that can help you get to level 10.

3.    Use the Science Research Station to research science and perform experiments.

4.    Use the Group Science Project at Sims University. Pull the level of doom to activate the hive mind with other nearby Sims and increase your rate of learning Science.

5.    Take a DNA sample from another Sim and then analyze it. You should at least be an acquaintance before asking for some DNA.

6.    Collect seeds, minerals, fish, and other collectibles and analyze them. This helps you identify unknown seeds and minerals so you can then do more experiments on them.

7.    Give Ink Blot tests to other Sims during social interactions or perform a Stimulus Response test on another Sim. Also try postulating a theory during a convesation. (Read more about improving your influence with social groups here.)

8.    Correlate Scientific Data with other Science Sims. You can do this at the Science Center or the School of Science once you reach level 5.

9.    Many of the actions you perform to increase your Science skill also increase your Influence with the Nerds.

10.    Once you reach level 9, you can create a clone of a sample—or even a clone of a Sim!

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