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Madden NFL 25 – Top 25 Plays in Madden NFL 25!

by Prima Games Staff

With the all-new Madden Share this season, gamers can now download the hottest playbooks from around the community. ZFarls has already created a playbook containing his 25 best plays from the Official Player’s Guide! Make sure to download it on both Xbox and PS3, and check out the video to learn how to run the best plays in Madden NFL 25!

The Top 25 Plays in Madden NFL 25!

Knowing where to find some of the best plays in Madden NFL 25 can be an instant boost to your game. Below, we share our top 25 plays in the game this season and let you know what makes them great. We call out plays for both sides of the ball and many different situations, including both running and passing on offense. Once you test these plays out and pick your own favorites, consider making a custom playbook to pack them all into one book! Here is just a small sample from our Official Player’s Guide for Madden NFL 25!

25. Shotgun Flip Trips—HB Wheel


Team Playbook: Cardinals

What Makes It Great: The HB is out to the right of the formation, which makes it very tough for the defense to balance against.

How to Run It: Look quickly to the flat for the HB or wait until he hits the sideline and test the defenders’ speed deep!

24. Shotgun Bunch—Verticals


Team Playbook: Falcons

What Makes It Great: This play is great for beating Cover 2 and Cover 3 zone due to the tender areas of the field the WR routes reach.

How to Run It: Block the HB to give yourself time to look downfield, and work the right side of the field first and then scan back left.

23. Shotgun Split Panther—689 Hook


Team Playbook: Panthers

What Makes It Great: With two players in the backfield, gamers can feel confident they can pick up any blitz their opponent sends!

How to Run It: Look to use the backfield routes on short-yardage downs, or block them and look downfield on third and long.

22. 5-2 Normal—Fire Zone 2


Team Playbook: Lions

What Makes It Great: For teams with great defensive linemen, the 5-2 gets them all on the field to really threaten offensive lines.

How to Run It: This play will work best in the goal line or against runs to the outside. Crash your linemen out to protect the edge.

21. Shotgun Tight Doubles On—Browns Cross


Team Playbook: Browns

What Makes It Great: This play has a TE on the line of scrimmage who can be used as an outlet or blocked for added protection.

How to Run It: Slant both inside receivers and streak the outside right WR. Your WR on the wheel should be man coverage to the inside.

20. Shotgun Normal Flex Wing—HB Dive


Team Playbook: Packers

What Makes It Great: The position of the TE gives this play a consistent lead blocker for the HB to get behind.

How to Run It: If your opponent is really packing the box, motion your outside WR over for an extra blocker. Keep it inside!

19. Strong I Normal—FB Dive


Team Playbook: Jaguars

What Makes It Great: The quick handoff to the FB is a consistent way to pick up short yardage that moves the chains.

How To Run It: Make sure to sub a player with a good Truck rating into the game, then hand off the ball and get behind your blockers.

18. Shotgun Bunch Quads—Bunch Trail


Team Playbook: Chiefs

What Makes It Great: This play will easily defeat man-to-man coverage by giving your QB a safe easy throw over the middle.

How to Run It: At the snap, look for the first receiver to clear out the middle and then wait for the trail to run through wide open!

17. Nickel 4-1-6—Sugar Cover 3 Bluff


Team Playbook: Bears

What Makes It Great: The LBs will approach the line before the snap but drop back after and really confuse your opponent.

How to Run It: Call this when your opponent expects pressure; your defenders should drop right into the throwing lanes.

16. Singleback Doubles X-Slot—Pats Slants


Team Playbook: Patriots

What Makes It Great: Quick passes from under center can be very tough for a defense to stop!

How to Run It: At the snap, look for any player who gets inside his defender. Against zone, wait for your target to clear his defender’s zone.

15. Shotgun Normal HB Wk—HB Slip Screen


Team Playbook: Saints

What Makes It Great: The screen pass is a great way to beat the blitz and can really gash your opponent for big yards.

How To Run It: Roll with the QB away from the screen, and at the last second, look to pop the ball over the defender for a big gain.

14. Strong I Close—Quick Toss


Team Playbook: Rams

What Makes It Great: Defenses that over-commit to the middle on short yardage can easily be burned by this play call.

How to Run It: Once your back gets the toss, let your blockers get set up before accelerating towards the edge!

13. I-Form Twin TE—PA Spot


Team Playbook: Bills

What Makes It Great: Setting up your opponents with run plays leaves them vulnerable to play action, especially in the red zone.

How to Run It: Once you complete the handoff fake, look to the corner route or hit your safety valve on the hitch route underneath.

12. Nickel 2-4-5 DT—Over Storm Brave


Team Playbook: Packers

What Makes It Great: For teams with solid LBs, this blitz will unleash them towards the QB without any additional setup.

How to Run It: Wait until your opponents are in third and long, which will force them to get the ball out quickly—they won’t get enough to move the chains.

11. Pistol Full Panther—Triple Option


Team Playbook: Panthers

What Makes It Great: The Triple Option really forces a defense to be disciplined and doesn’t allow them to overplay the edge.

How to Run It: Look to read the defensive end first and determine whether to keep or hand it off. Next read the pitch man outside!

10. Singleback Y-Trips—WR Screen


Team Playbook: Giants

What Makes It Great: With the new Run Free controls in Madden NFL 25, getting the ball quickly to your playmakers is a great move.

How to Run It: Any time you catch the opponent playing off coverage, quickly turn and get the ball out to your WR and let him make a play.

9. Quarter 3 Deep—Man Up 3 Deep


Team Playbook: Ravens

What Makes It Great: This will force your opponent to take all underneath throws because of the three deep safeties.

How to Run It: Wait for heavy passing situations and call this coverage. It is one of the best plays because it rarely needs adjustments.

8. Pistol Trips—Read Option


Team Playbook: Seahawks

What Makes It Great: The Read Option is an explosive play that forces the defense to pick their poison, especially against the trips set.

How to Run It: Use the Read icon to locate the DE: If he stands up, give it to the HB, and if he crashes down keep it with the QB!

7. I-Form Tight—Power O


Team Playbook: 49ers

What Makes It Great: Gamers who have a solid power back can patiently wait for the hole to open up and get consistent gains.

How to Run It: Start out by holding the precision modifier, and then unleash the acceleration burst once you see the hole.

6. Shotgun Heavy—Z Streak


Team Playbook: Run N Gun

What Makes It Great: The formation is very tight and will force defenses to move inside to defend it.

How to Run It: Block players in the backfield if you sense the blitz, otherwise look to the TE on the corner route as your main read.

5. Shotgun Normal—Speed Option


Team Playbook: Eagles

What Makes It Great: A quick QB who can cut the ball upfield really turns this play into a huge threat!

How to Run It: Read the DE, and if he commits to the QB pitch the ball to the HB for a big gain. Don’t force it!

4. Nickel 3-3-5—2 Man Under


Team Playbook: Buccaneers, Saints, 49ers

What Makes It Great: This basic man-to-man coverage will force your opponents to prove they know how to get players free.

How to Run It: Move the blitzing LB out wide to maximize his rush angle, and user-control the LB who is guarding the HB.

3. Pistol Weak Twins Flex—Smash Y-Corner


Team Playbook: Redskins

What Makes It Great: Creating a full pistol scheme is finally possible in Madden NFL 25, and this formation is one of the best.

How to Run It: Look to hit the FB out of the backfield for a quick gain, or hold the ball and throw to either corner route as they break.

2. 4-4 Split—Monster Green


Team Playbook: 4-3 Defense

What Makes It Great: With the Read Option being a popular play, gamers will need a solid way to send defenders off the edge.

How to Run It: Flip this play depending on the formation and where you expect the run—the blitzing defenders will do the rest.

1. Shotgun Tight Flex—WR Cross


Team Playbook: Run N Gun

What Makes It Great: The wheel route by the HB is extremely tough to defend, and the crossing routes will beat man-to-man.

How to Run It: Streak both inside receivers if you sense zone coverage. Look to the WR on the left first, then air it out deep right if you get time.

For more great tips and strategy, check out the Official Player’s Guide for Madden NFL 25!

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