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Killzone Mercenary Multiplayer Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Before experiencing single player, read through these beginner and advanced tips.

There’s a lot to like about Killzone Mercenary’s single player campaign, but for the most part, multiplayer is where the real competition is. You’ll wage war against different players from around the world, slaughtering friends and enemies while picking up their Valor Cards. If you continue to die, don’t get frustrated. Just follow these tips to increase your kill count.

VAN-Guard Capsules- Know When to Activate

VAN-Guard capsules will occasionally land on the battlefield, and the person who accesses one will be able to use a new weapon on his or her opponents. Sounds cool, right? Well here’s the thing: players will often camp near the capsule to pick off unsuspecting rivals. This is a great strategy for snipers. 

When is the best time to make a play on a capsule? Bring a buddy to provide cover, or run towards it after killing everyone in the area.

VAN-Guard Capsules- Know When to Hide

People can’t kill what they can’t see. When the in-game announcer notifies you that a VAN-Guard capsule has been activated, take cover to avoid certain weapons like Sky Fury that rains death from above. See if you can spot the momentarily occupied VAN-Guard user and take him or her out.

Customize Your Loadout

You have three separate loadout slots at the beginning of the game, and unlock two more once you reach Lieutenant III (loadout four) and Lieutenant Colonel I (loadout 5). Since you can’t pick up weapons off the ground, heading into a match with ideal equipment is key; you can change loadouts between respawns.

Special Offers

Blackjack, the game’s arms dealer, will often mark down equipment, like armor. It’s the only way to score expensive items at a discount.

Vektan Dollars

Remember, Vektan dollars obtained in single player carry over to multiplayer, and vice versa.  Standard kills are OK, but you should aim for headshots whenever possible.

Valor Cards

Each time you kill someone, he or she drops a Valor Card that represents the person’s earning potential. Pick this up to earn rewards; the higher the suit, the higher the reward. The more cards you collect, the bigger your personal collection will be, and the chance of forming hands (flush, full deck, four of a kind) to earn rewards will increase.

The current suit depends on the type of weapon a player uses. Change suits by killing people with a specific type.

Clubs: Achieve seven consecutive kills with an assault rifle or LMG.

Hearts: Achieve five consecutive kills with a secondary weapon.

Spades: Achieve three consecutive kills with a sniper rifle.

Diamonds: Achieve four consecutive kills with an SMG.

Killzone Mercenary debuts September 10 for PlayStation Vita.

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